Expired Visa Fine


Jul 15, 2007
Does anyone know how much the fine is at immigration (buquebus) for having an expired visa? I know it was 50 pesos, but i heard that it might have changed. Thanks!
Ooh, I have a question about this! My tourist visa expires next month and I've read somewhere that for the first renewal you don't have to leave the country. Is this right? And where would I go for this? Immigration at buquebus by any chance?!! Is it easy to find?
M$any thanks
Just a tip in case anybody needs to renew for the first time like me! Take a photocopy of the main page and the one with your entry stamp on it. I didn't and had to queue for an hour and a half at the photocopier. Also, the fee (for the visa, not the photocopies ;-)) is 100 pesos.
Hope this helps somebody
Hi, the best time is to go at 11 a.m. to Migraciones because at this time it is like empty at the "prorrogas de permanecencia" and so you dont need to wait a lot of time.You can renew it every time after 3 month you come new in the country. So you can do it like each 6 month without any problems. Important : After 1 renew at Migraciones you MUST go out of the country for 1 day !!! Then you come in again and after 3 month you can go again to Migraciones :) bye Alex
Hi all,
I've paid the fine a couple of times as well as done the extension thing. If you wish to avoid some stress at the airport, I wouldn't advise letting your visa expire. They may make you wait around until you think you'll miss your plane. I had to run to catch mine last time I did this. The good thing is that you can stay indefinitely in Argentina and then pay 50 pesos upon leaving. Just arrive early at the airport because they will do everything they can to see you get uptight.
If mine is expired but I have to go to customs at EZE anyway, can I pay the fine and renew my visa without airline tickets?