expired visa


Aug 2, 2006
I am trying to get some paperwork to work here and i have just enough money for that paperwork but my 3 month tourist visa expired 4 days ago and I dont have 100 pesos to renew it. I have to go to the police station to get a certificate of domicile. Will i get arrested for not having a current visa?
From what I've read through internet searches on the subject, you will have to pay a fine of 50 pesos no matter how long you overstay your Visa, whether that's a day or a year, or in the case of one poster on a forum, 6 years (and still going). The problem with the overstay is they might deny you entry back into Argentina in the future. So, no, I don't think you'd be arrested, just fined.
I'm interested in anyone else's thoughts or facts on the subject.
well, wether 50 or 100 pesos... I dont have it, and i know that you cant get a stamp at a police station, you have to go to the emmigration office, just like in the US or any other country I imagine... im more worried about going to the police station before doing that and pulling out my "im an illegal alien" pasport.
My guess is that police will just refuse to deal with you until you normalize your situation with the department of immigrations. Nobody will drag you across the city in handcuffs.
It does not look that you have too many things to loose anyway.
I am back in the U.S. now and I was in the same situation that you are. I paid a fine before being able to board. I don't remember exactly how much it was but it was between 50-60 pesos. Make sure that when you decide to leave you give yourself some extra time to take care of this because the immigration office does not accept cash payments. As a result, you have to go to a bank in the terminal, pay them, and return a receipt of payment to the immigration office. All of this takes time and don't forget that you still have to pay your exit tax, check your bags, and get past the security check point at the gate so get to the airport VERY early. I was 4 months over the time limit on my visa. According to the official in the immigration office as long as a pay the fine I will have no problem re-entering the country next week when I return.
Don't even worry about it. When you have $50 pesos go to the comiseria and pay the fine. When I went to Immigration for my DNI, the clerk looked at my passport and said, "Hey, why did you go to Uruguay so many times?" When I replied that I left every 90 days to comply with the law, he just laughed. "Sorry, no offence," he said, "it's just that nobody ever actually DOES it." Really, it's irrelevant. There's a saying here, "Se arregla." It means, "It can be fixed." This applies to everything. As far as not reentering is concerned, don't worry. They'll let you in, trust me.
Also, your residence certificate requires that you produce proof that you live somewhere, though I'm not sure exactly what qualifies. My bet is that the police will not even notice that your visa is expired. They don't care. (About anything, generally.)
Incidentally, I'm referring to bureaucratic issues, not criminal matters. If you do something criminal you will have very big problems on your hands, so don't try it.
I agree with Amos. I went through this process 2 years ago. It is the official task of the police dept to verify your address. But it is a civilian who comes to your place of residence to do the verification. They farm out the work!! He only requires proof of who you are by looking at your photo. He does not read English....or cares.
The police do not check that your visa has expired. That is the job of immigration. And what difference would it make to them? You pay a fee for the residence certificate and that is what you will get.The experience EricDharma relates at the airport is very helpful.
I am reading this thread of forum posts and was wondering if staygolden is alright? I thas been over a week since she last posted anything? I hope she is OK, and that she is just busy.
yeah im ok. I just haven't been checking back here for a week or so. I
have some money now.. i just need to figure out where to go i guess.
The comiseria is.. um .. in the center? I went with someone last year
when i was here so he could apply for citizenship but don't remember how
to get there. Id leave and go to Uruguay but have a pet with medical condition and cant really travel right now.. until i find a good babysitter (hint
hint). I want to go to Montevideo anyway soon. I passed on the job i
needed the domicile proof for so never went to the police. They job
wanted to train me to be irreplaceable within a year and then keep me
forever, and i couldn't guarantee them I would stay that long. Good job
too, its a shame. Thanks everyone for the info. I tried asking people who live here but they dont know because they dont have the issue.. obviously.