Fantastic Peruvian Dinner


Jun 20, 2006
Two nights ago I had one of the most enjoyable restaurant experiences in my life in Buenos Aires. Its a brand new restaurant just opened in Palermo Soho on El Salvador and Thames. Its called Pozosanto and the food is best described as Peruvian Meditteranean.

From the moment we walked in my guest and I were treated like royalty by the gracious staff. They very quickly brought us two amazing Pisco sours ( Peru national cocktail) I ordered the passionfruit pisco sour and it was the best I ever had by far. They served this with an incredible home made bread basket with a sublime sauce of avocado and chillies.

We ordered ceviche for the appetiser ( Peruvian national dish of raw fish and vegetables all served in a wicked sauce ) To say it was very good would be an understatement. Main courses were equally excellent all served with incredible presentation and flair.

We had a most enjoyable night and after a few more of the sublime pisco sours we dashed out absolutely full and satisfied.

I give this restaurant 9 out of 10 in all categories and while pricey its worth every cent.
As long as we're on the subject, the best meal we have yet had in Buenos Aires, and the most expensive, was at Francesco, on Sinclair, between Cervino and La Libertad, in Palermo Nuevo. It is a new branch of the famous Lima restaurant of the same name; there is also a branch in Miami, which the Miami Zagat guide has rated as the best seafood restaurant in Miami for five or six years straight.

Unfortunately for our budget and waistlines, Francesco is about 3 blocks from our apartment, but this is fortunate for our taste buds.

We haven't tried Pozosanto yet, but look forward to the comparison.

Once you leave the steak and potatoes circuit, which is done well here, if you want to eat superior cooking, you might as well just stick to the Peruvian places.
Fullly agree with you HDM about Peruvian cuisine . Its by far the best cuisine of Latin America and is now taking the world by storm like Thai and Vietnamese food did in the last decade.

Buenos Aires has some great Peruvian restaurants from cheap to expensive . I recommend you try Ceviche and always accompany it with a Pisco Sour.
I agree Peruvian food properly prepared is the best in Latin America.
We went to primavera truijillo in Belgrano last night.

Utterly delicious, friendly service and cheap to boot.
A very welcome alternative to meat, meat, meat and red wine.

Thanks for the tip pericles, look forward to checking it out.
Sounds good. I'll have to check it out if I'm down this year.

I quite liked the Peruvian restaurant "Status" when I tried it 1.5 yrs ago one day for lunch.
I think Saltshaker did a review of that place about a week or so ago and Francesco too.

just out of curiosity. I am unable to eat fish or seafood, essentially anything with water. In both places do they cater for non fishies? God I sound like vegetarian going to a parilla!
There are great vegetarian options that you may elect from the set menu. Peruvian cuisine is famous for its excellent use of the humble potato incorporated into many extraodinary dishes.
pericles said:
Peruvian cuisine is famous for its excellent use of the humble potato incorporated into many extraodinary dishes.

Sounds like food here in Ireland minus the extraordinary