Fascists in Palermo


Oct 5, 2009
Just visited Palermo district the other day for the first time and I noticed there are fascist graffiti all over the place.
Says "Ni Marxistas, Ni Liberales, Vanguardia" something.

Are these violent fascists? Something to worry about?

The whole thing really sickens me, especially because of the history of Argentina.
What's fascist about the graffitis? The slogans sounds like Peronism to me (ni marxista, ni capitalista). Although I wouldn't class Peronism as a fascist ideology (although it shared certain characteristics).
Peronism not fascist? Who were Peron's idols? For sure not Churchill and Roosevelt!
It says something about nationalist youth, just under Vanguardia. Sounds pretty fascist to me.
Well Peronism was originally modeled after fascist Italy and Germany as others have indicated, of which Juan was a big fan. I doubt the current crop of Peronists is exactly the same as a lot of time has passed. However this movement has always had authoritarian aspects to it. What concerns me about South America today is that governments with authoritarian leanings seem to be on the rise. If the economy continues in doldrums in Argentina the possibility of the government becoming more authoritarian is increasing. A government more like Hugo's to the north would be my guess. The next couple of years will be interesting in Argentina. Remember the new media passed a week ago? Stayed tuned.
What does the new media law have to do with fascism? And are you insinuating that Chavez is authoritarian?
orwellian said:
What does the new media law have to do with fascism? And are you insinuating that Chavez is authoritarian?

The media law could be used by a government here to limit press freedom, one ingredient common in any authoritarian government fascist or otherwise. Yes I think Hugo is authoritarian and increasing so.
So when one company owns all media, that is not a limitation of press freedom?
And I love to hear your reasoning on how Hugo is authoritarian.
Oh and what do you call it when the government tortures you and incarcerates you for years without a trial? By your own definition the United States is a fascist dictatorship then.