Fear of meeting


Jun 19, 2018
is the death rate on the rise too? or just the case rate?

"The same perspective applies to so-called vaccine breakthroughs—infections that occur in fully vaccinated individuals. Though breakthrough infections undoubtedly occur, these cases, like reinfections, are much more likely to be mild or asymptomatic. A hundred million U.S. adults were fully vaccinated in the first four months of this year; among them, the C.D.C. documented about ten thousand breakthrough infections by the end of April. Only a thousand of those resulted in hospitalization; that is, only one in a hundred thousand vaccinated individuals were hospitalized with covid during that period. So far, it does not appear that these breakthrough infections are disproportionately caused by variants of concern. About a quarter of the reported breakthroughs were asymptomatic; in all likelihood, this is a vast underestimate, since many vaccinated individuals may never have realized that they were reinfected in the first place.

Today, reports of reinfections and vaccine breakthroughs tend to come as a scary surprise. But they will increasingly feel normal as the acute phase of the pandemic draws to a close."