Feedback Cocktail Party


First, I'd like to thank all those who attended this past Friday's event. Since this has been our first event of the sort, I would appreciate your feedback on the location, food and atmosphere for future gatherings.
Any suggestions welcome!


Hi, I thought the place was good, the atmosphere too... met a bunch of interesting people... all in all thumbs up except.....the food.... the quality was good, but it was mostly bread-based, pizza based and potatoes with dressings...
for $25 i thought we could have had a bit more of an option (at least for those on a diet... or who would rather have a choice for that amount)


I had a great time and met wonderful people, as always at the baexpats meeting. However, it was still more of a restaurant/dinner setting as opposed to a bar or party setting I think we aimed for. And yes, a bit more food for the buck. Otherwise, it was great - thank you for planning it!


Hi Rose, Thanks so much for organizing. I thought it was a great way to meet some local expats, very low key and comfortable.
My comments are similar to the others, location was good, but I would have liked it to be a bit more central and inside a wider space to mingle. Also, perhaps appetizers as an optional extra would be good (though i realize that makes planning hard for the restaurant!).


Thanks for organizing the event. The food was good, especially liked the potatoe dish, and enjoyed the conversation. The train-car design of the area we were in, though, was somewhat difficult to navigate through.