Female couple seeking GLBT/-friendly friends!


Sep 12, 2009

My girlfriend and I just arrived in Buenos Aires last week and are very ready to meet some new people!

I´m Yana, female, 23 years old, ex-cafe barista and current free-lance writer.

She´s Casey, female, 28, ex-cafe manager and city-exploring extraordinnaire.

Hailing from San Francisco, we both have a sarcastic sense of humor and love to laugh, are open to new things & people, speak a moderate amount of Spanish (and always love to practice) and are looking to explore as much of B.A. as we can on our tight budget.

We´re looking for *queer* or *queer-friendly* friends, travel buddies, or just one-time hang-out companions. We like to explore the city, seek out GLBT nightlife hang-outs, drink lots of cafe americanos and eat, eat, eat. We´ll be in Buenos Aires until November and then will be travelling in Argentina for November and then living in Montevideo Uruguay for December. Currently, we´re living in Recoleta - let us know if you wanna hang out!

- Yana & Casey

Oberlin grad here- I think that says it all in terms of LGBT friendly! I would love to hang out sometime, or travel a bit around the country. PM me with your cell and I will send you a text!

My lesbian roommate would probably worship the ground you walk on if you told her stories about the gay/lesbian swing dancing scene in San Francisco.

As for me, I guess. I've got straight friends who are gay friendly and gay friends who are straight friendly and then gay/gay & straight/straight... You get the point.

If you guys plan a lesbian get together, let me know and I'll pass it along. As for me, I've got this Y chromosome thing that always gets in the way of me becoming a lesbian... though I've talked softball with a former co-workers girlfriend and another lesbian coworker excitedly introduced me to her girlfriend when I ran into them in a bar...

What can I say? Dykes dig me!

PS- So do grandmothers... but I never talk about softball with them.
Dykes from San Francisco? I'M IN LOVE!

I'm a 35 year old gay man who just moved here from San Francisco and as terrific as this city is, I'm having a bit of withdrawl from life in the Bay Area. Can we grab a drink? Empanadas? Something?
I just realized that Casey pulled rank as the boss in the coffee shop and dated an employee/underling. NICE! It's good to see that office politics can still be used for romantic manipulation. Casey, you are an inspiration to us all.
Napolean, SFMike & Anya...

So excited to hear back from you all for sure. Anya -- unfortunately, we don´t have a cell phone but we do have a land line (equipped with voicemail....fancy!) and can PM you that # asap.

SFMike... we are also suffering from Bay Area withdrawl...especially after our first attempt to hang out at a gay bar last night went horribly down hill...oops. But yes...drinks, empanadas, San Francisco gossip are all very exciting possibilities for us...as we just got here, our schedules are pretty stupidly open, so just let us know.

And as for you, witty little Napolean, your lesbian roommate as well as *gasp*...your Y chromosome-toting self are MORE than welcome to hang out with us....our romantic and social track-records will show that we are not the mythical dykes of the man-hating persuasion...at all. We just ask for friendliness, and it seems as though you´ve got that one in the bag. And for the record, NEVER the underling, I sacked the boss BEFORE I ever worked at that cafe...though I´m sure Casey would tell it differently.

ANYWAYS, point is...we´d love to hang out with you all! So let us know what works for you! What neighborhoods are you all in? We definitely still have some ´hood exploring to do! We´ve also been reading up on the potential dyke bars around here and would like to try, try again...Napolean´s roomie, any suggestions?

* Y&C
oh, I'm so anxious to hear about your down-hill night! I've been too intimidated (by my lack of Spanish, and my lack of understanding of local bar culture) to attempt it yet. Are you around tonight? Do you want to try something? I have been told that everyone spends Sundays with their family, so I don't know what the story will be. Either that or Tuesday, or Wednesday ... make me an offer!

I'm in Palermo Soho. I've been told that the area around Plaza Serrano in Palermo is the closest thing that BA gets to a gay intersection, though I haven't seen it really yet. PM me if you have some ideas and I'm totally game to hang whenever.
I think tonight we were gonna try to lay low after last night...but we´ve read up on some good drag performances happening on wednesdays and thursdays...can we touch base and maybe attempt it then?
Hey Yana & Casey, Mike

I am a 36 year old Homo from the city. I have been here for two years. I am missing the Bay Area. Love to get together for a drink / whatever...
Cool -- let's try for Wednesday then. Where are the drag shows?