finding a lawyer


Feb 20, 2006
I am in the process of trying to finalize my divorce. I was married to a Brazilian and according to Brazilian law we were separated and we had to wait one year until we could get the divorce. The problem is that my wife's Brazilian laywer is asking me to sign a document, a power of attorney, which would give her the right to represent me in Brazil presumably so that I would not have to appear in Brazil in person. I have my reservations about this because I am sure that she could also use it to access other info in the States. I want to consult with a lawyer who could give me some insight into the legal processes in Brazil. At first I was thinking of waiting until I got back to the U.S. but then it occured to me that since I need expertise on Brazilian Law and also since I am going back to St. Louis, Missouri (and not a large city like for example New York or Los Angeles) that I could have just as much trouble finding a good lawyer at home as I would in the states. The only thing is that my referal network is stronger and more reliable at home. I guess that my real question is what do the members of the board think? Should I try to take care of this here or let it wait? Also would I have a better chance of finding a qualified, trustworthy (yes I did juxtapose these two words"trustworthy""lawyer") lawyer here or in the states? What would be the lawyers title? Is there a such thing as a International Divorce Attorney? What would be the most reliable way of finding one here? Would they charge more or less here?
I am sorry to hear that you're going through a messy divorce like that.You must have thought of this before but perhaps signing no power of attorney would be the best idea and just handling things in person there in Brazil. Two other things which I can think of are A. Hireing your own attorney in Brasil and B. Signing a more specific power of attorney which states what can and can't be done with it. Best of luck either way
For legal advice in Buenos Aires regarding Brazilian law you could contact the Brazilian consulate here (then to consular section) and ask them for a list of brazilian lawyers in Buenos Aires...
or on the other hand Argentine law firms with offices in Brasil.
The Brazilian-Argentine chamber of commerce might be able to assist with that one also.,
Good luck...
Hello, I need a name and email address of an attorney for tenant laws and rights in Buenos Aires. I only read and speak english. thank you