First trip to Argentina


Jul 19, 2007
I have posted here in the past as I am looking to move at least half the year to Mendoza. I know this is a BA expats site but your input helped in understanding the country as a whole.
First of all yes the buses are polluters and there are issues to deal with but our visit was great. No one was rude to us. There is a great sense of family, community and country here. Yes the drivers are crazy but not nearly as bad as Italy.
Prices are going up I know but it still is a great place to visit and I think live. Food is inexpensive vis a vis the US as is wine. The area we were in was lovely. Our spanish is substandard but we muttled through and most people were helpful and not hateful.
Cars are to expensive and we can see that many goods are pricey versus the quality you get but there are upsides and downsides to everywhere.\
Thanks for all the help from the people who gave us input. A question: If we brought a container down with our furniture/electronics/and a car or motorcycle how is that handled as far as taxes? We were thinking of sending it down through Santiago and having it trucked over.
Hi, I'm not sure but I have heard (from a Argentinian people) that if you aren't a resident in Argentina you can get many problems with your stuff and would be pay the normal import taxes to get it in. So you should be have all bills of your equipment - maybe newer bills with less amount :)
But if you have a permanent or temporary visa (not only a turist visa) before you get your stuff inside to Argentina you are able to get it in without any problem and taxes.If anybody has other information or if my ones are not correct please let us know. bye alex
I wouldn't send a container until you have a visa for living in Argentina. I know of someone who did that (incredibly he got bad advice from a lawyer!) and has not been able to get his things out of the port.
I have a friend trying to bring stuff from SA, he has had all sorts of conflicting advice. The legal system here is chaotic, you realy need to find an expert in the field in which you are dealing. My own experience, in property puchase, was very telling, no locals seem to know the law, estate agents were useless, I would have given up had I not found an expat who dealt only with this issue.
Do not trust lawyers, unless they have a proven track record on importing, and carriers likewise. Sorry if this seems negative, but as with all things here, you need to be sure that the persons you are deeling with know what they are doing.
Best of luck and if you have any sucsess please let me know so I can pass info onto my friend. Oh and I still agree it is a great place, despite the madness.
Thanks Ariel and Tangobob.
If I have an answer from someone I will pass it on.
PK, we move from US to Mendoza 9 month ago, we bring a container, bough a brand new Apartment and a brand new car, it doenst worth bring you car, you can buy a car for the price that you will pay to bring yours here.
I don't know what car you have, but best is buy a new here.
Buying a house or apartment is not a "drama" also if you have the money! prices are very good compare with the prices in US or Europe, you can get a real bargain (we did), and of course the wine...haaaa the wine (malbec one of the best wine in the world is from Mendoza)
I hope this help you.
To Pedro, I was born in Buenos Aires, but I life most part of my life in USA, sorry for the spelling, but if you understan Spanish or Italian I can do a lot better. and I'm not an agency, so before you make your statements. ask
Hello from Mendoza! My spouse joined your group yesterday and I decided to also join. I look forward to sharing comments on life in Argentina.

My spouse is a naturalized U.S. citizen, originally from Buenos Aires. I am from the U.S. We left our careers & home, in a suburb northwest of Chicago, and moved to Argentina in mid-October 2006. In February of this year, we moved permanently to Mendoza (city).

I wish that I didn’t have to start off our relationship this way, but I really need to get something out of my system. My comments are for “PedroC” and “Ghost” only. I do not want to judge this whole site, or any other members, by the negative comments of these two individuals.

Both of the members mentioned responded to my spouse’s initial communication efforts with a lack of tolerance. Yes, my spouse makes spelling and grammar errors. This has become more pronounced over the past year. When asked, I offer suggestions. But, at what point does one person have the right to destroy the enthusiasm & creativity of another when the person writing is communicating to a chat group? This site is not an online language course. The sign up procedure does not carry fine print stating that a member must have achieved a certain level of formal education in order to join. My question to PedroC and to Ghost is: With all of your “education” could you not see beyond the errors and welcome a new member and gain something positive from that person’s comments? As Lord Chesterfield once said: “Wear your learning like your watch, in a private pocket; and do not pull it out, and strike it, merely to show that you have one.”

Yes, my spouse is enthusiastic about Mendoza. Have you never been excited by a place? How do you make the leap from a positive statement about Mendoza to the assumption that we must be with a “tourist agency”?

There. I got it “off my chest”.

If anyone is interested, I am ready to talk about life in general and Mendoza in particular.

¡Hasta luego!
To Mendo3....touche. I hope you and your spouse have a rewarding experience living in Mendoza. I would be very interested in hearing about it. You are welcome to communicate with me in open forum or through personal notes within this site. Gracielle