Food Dehydrators where to buy

Not really, but those are great. If you don't speak Spanish, you could google it under "deshidratador de alimentos" Hope you find it!
A friend of mine has a raw foods restaurant and he bought his in the United States. Apparently, Argentina is not an easy place to buy this product.
hotmama, I have seen one on Cabildo. It was in the store "used to be known as MILOFT". I am not sure what the name of that store is now, I pass by there everyday and stubbornly call it MILOFT, even if they were bought out. The store is a block after the SONY store, but across the street from there. I will keep my eyes open for places that might carry them.
Try there first, just be warned of the high ticket price. But as far as I can remember they were made in Argentina. Good luck.
If you can't find one, there are quite a few sites on the Internet that discuss how to dehydrate foods using the oven.
There's also this link for building your own solar dehydrator is you're so inclined: