Food Prices on the Rise in US too


Jul 13, 2005
For those that can't see the video, most things they just listed percentages:
Cheese = up 30%
Milk = us$5.00 a gallon (us$1.25 a litre = about 3.75 pesos a litre)
Bread = up 8.5%
Beef = up 6.5%

Causes they say are growing demand by India, China, Corn being diverted into production for oil rather than cattle feed etc.
However was anyone else shocked by the rises between the 13th and the 16th of July ?? Cebolla and papas almost doubled in prices over the course of the weekend, and any green veg is just soaring in price lately.
SyngirlSpeaking on this site of inflation in countries other than Argentina is Strictly! forbidden. Users found mentioning inflation in other countries on this site can and will be accused of being anti American by other users of this site.Mentioning problems in other countries is also just simply incorrect cause we all know that the only country that has problems and isn't perfect is Argentina.
Just wanted to give you the heads up
Inflation in the usa is nothing like here. each time i go to a store here, something is higher. rents are soaring and quickly. a good indicator is what i buy when i go home each year. its gotten to the point where i buy most things back home, from clothes, to listerine (2 liter bottles for 7 bucks, still have one after a year), and the obvious electronic stuff.
i also eat so much. i eat shrimp, lots of fish, and even after almost 2 months home cant get used to the huge packages and bags that arent 3 quarters air like here and yogurt that is not only good tasting with real fruit but it doesnt come in thimble sized containers. also i like to eat lobster when im home, that is wildly exotic here. its 248 pesos a kilo!!!
i could go on and on. my bags are overflowing when i go home, thats how much i want to buy when im there. sneakers for the kids!! for 25 bucks i get good ones that last. here its poor quality and higher prices.
In argentina, they give you a little and you pay alot and it keeps going up and up.