For the BsAs experts - motorcycle lessons


Oct 2, 2006
1) I know, I know, it´s a bit off the norm, but does anyone out there know where I may begin looking into some form of motorcycle lessons in BsAs? (P.S., my spanish is still very limited, still learning so to call places, etc is out of the question. Taking a lesson would be a bit different as with other things, mainly learn from showing and doing.)

They say after all that if you want to take advantage of the low cost in Argentina, take advantage of services, education offered. Of course, I don´t have an Argentine license of any sort, but hey, it´s possible to rent cars and stuff as a foreigner so I can't see why someone out there wouldn´t offer some sort of lessons. Maybe off on some track or less busy area, certainly not driving down Ave Santa Fe or the like. ;) I spent half the day googling and didn´t come up with anything. I know there has to be something out there (ok, maybe not!). I don´t expect anyone here to have any experience with this out-of-the-norm type thing, but maybe some suggestions might be offered. Some ideas.Ok, well what about helicopter lessons! Lol! Seriously though. It´s a thought. ;) I mean out of BsAs, in the suburbs somewhere. ;)
2) Also, instead of creating a new thread, and I know it´s probably been talked about before - can anybody recommend some sites to look for renting rooms? I checked out the Clarin and Nacion classified online but I couldn´t figure out where the rooms for rent were.
Any other sites to check? And as a very general ballpark figure, what would be a decent cost per month for a room to rent. I know many things depend such as a slum vs decent living, the number of people in the house or apartment, location, etc. But just a general ballpark figure. Ok well thanks a bunch for any help. Nice helpful site by the way, thanks for helping others. ;)

I aint a biker myself nore do I have extensive biking experience but the limited experience that I do have with machines of that sort is that the thing to do is just to hop on and ride away, wearing a leather suit is a must though if you want to keep your body intact. But yes if I am indeed right regarding them bikes then taking lessons in unneccesary. As for finding a room outside of the typical tourist rental market I am unsure of where to find one and I suspect that the market is quite small since Argentines don't trust too easily, a good price for such a room might be 2-300dollars I don't know. The people at the South American Explorers club might be able to give you some advice regarding that though give them a buzz.
Hey, thanks for such a quick reply and thanks for your insight. ;)
I understand what you´re saying about just hoping on and riding, aside from getting past popping the clutch episodes. Ok, well I´ll still need to find a place with a bike to ride, someone who will do that sort of thing like rent out or give lessons of the sort.
Or maybe like a National or Hertz Rent A Car but for motorcycles. Lol!
I´ll check back later tomorrow to see what anyone else might have to say. Thanks again. :)
Hi Ciao,
Googled for the motorycle lesson bit of your question this morning and I found the following answer to somebody´s similar question
"BMW ya tiene una escuela de conducción de motocicletas arancelada, Honda Motor de Argentina ha implementando una escuela de conducción en conjunto con la Universidad Tecnológica Nacional"
"BMW has a paid driving motorcycling driving school, Honda motor of Argentina has implemented one togethere with the National technological University"
Maybe you could call those two companies and ask??
You guys are great! :) Hey, thanks a bunch! That is quite funny, there really are some helicopter lessons. Lol! Well, if I can afford so, just may take it on. ;) I´ll be looking into those places.
Thanks again for the help. Quite grateful. Ciao! :)
I have inquired with my father in law for a school or an individual who can help you. My father in law owns a car dealership and is an accomplished race car driver and knows just about anyone involved with anything motorized. Anyway, he is checking with friends to see if we can find you an experienced motocyclist who can show you the ropes. I'll get back to you............
Hey wow, that's really really kind of you! Thanks a bunch for your efforts! :)

On the race car note; not sure if you mean F1 type or Stock car type, but something else that popped in my head having you mentioned that - I know in the States at least, you can pay for a day or so to drive one of these cars! You know, just for the high speed rush/thrill! ;) Not sure about here, and I'm sure it's too expensive. Anyway.

But on a more reasonable note, I've seen some pictures from these races here, I think F1. But I have no clue where they are held. I would like to buy tickets to go see a race. Any idea?

Thanks a bunch! :)

Update, from another heli lesson company, $240US per hour for lessons!! And you need 35-40hrs for a license, so that´s out! I would have really done it for about $900 total, assuming it´s less expensive Argentina. Darn it. Oh well. BAJay, if you´re out there...any updated info on what you were looking into to help me out? Not sure where to go to Honda, to their dealership? I looked at the sight of the school but didn´t quite understand it. Maybe I can try going to the Harley dealership quite a bit of a way out there. Ok, thanks again for any help. :)