For those in the finance or related fields


Nov 8, 2006
Hi all of you,
I have change careers and I'm plentiful of finance book from undergraduate, MBA and CFA courses , I am pasting below the list of books if somebody interested please email me at
[email protected]
I have quite a few, so we can work out a good deal if the whole lot or almost all of it is involved

1) Mergers and Acquisitions

A valuation handbook

Joseph h. Marren

Mc.Graw Hill
2) Value investing from Graham to Buffet and beyond

Willey Finance
Bruce Griens Weld
Judd Kahn
Paul Sonken
3) Finance Interviews Vault.Guide to
4) Due diligence techniques and analysis
Gordon Bing
Critical Questions for business Decisions
5) The Handbook of fixed income securities
Frank Fabozi
Sixth Edition
6) Proyect Financing
Asset Based Financial Engeneering
John Firmerty
7) Financial Modeling
Simon Bennigne
Second Edition
8) Heard on the street
Quantitative questions form Wall street interviews
Timothy Fllcon
9) Fixed INcome Analysis for CFA sponsored by AIMR
10) Solutions Manual to the analysis and use of financial statements
11) Quantitative Methosds for Investment Analysis
CFA De Fusco
Dennis Mc. Leavey
Jeral Pinyo
David Hunkle
12) Managerial Accounting
Garrison Noreen
13) Investment Analysis Portfolio Management
Frank Reilly Keith Brown
14) Economics 10th. Editions prívate and public choice

Dan James Gwartney
Richard Stroup
Russel Sobel
David Macpherson

15) Fundamentals of financial Management
Eugene Brighan
Joel Houston

16) Careers in Management Consulting
Harvard Business school Guide
17) AIMR Annuel Report Supplement to accompany the analysis and use of financial statements

18) Solutions Manual to accompany Financial accounting Stckney & Weil 9th. Edition

19) Statistics for Business and Economics Mc. Clave/Benson

20) Principles of Corporate Finance sixth edition Brealey Meyers

21) Analysis and use of financial statements Third Editions Geral White

22) Investment Analysis Portfolio Management Reilly Brown

23) Financial Accounting Stickney Weil 9th. Edition

24) International Investments V edition Bruno Solnik Dennis Mc. Leavey

25) Eva and value Based Management David Young Stephen O Byrne

26) Standart of Practice Handbook AIMR

27) Improving Corporate Boards Ralph Ward

28) Fundamentals of Venture Capital Bartlett

29) A practical guide to doing the deal

30) Creating Shareholder Balue Aldred Rappaport

31) Doing Deals Robert Eccles

32) The Art of M& A Due Diligence Alexandra Reed Lajoux Charles

33) Effectiv International Joint venture management Ronald Wolf

34) Valuation- Measuring and Managing the value of companies Mckinsey and Company

35) Investments Sixth Edition

36) Analysis of derivatives for the CFA program

37) Precalculus

38) Managerial Accounting Ray garrison and Noreen Solutios Manual and Handbook

39) Introduction to Management Science Bernard dTalylor III Quantitative Methods in Management Science

40) The first sacrifice Thomas Griffod(novel)
They have been barely touched, brand new, not to worry about their condition