Question about those pesky garage door alarms for pedestrians


Sep 8, 2019
Hey Expats!

So I just moved into an apartment on Gorriti (right at the end near Dorrego) and it's generally quite chill. I love the neighbourhood.

There is, however, this super loud pedestrian warning system blasting from the garage across the street every time a car enters or exits...and it's kind of driving me crazy.

I've noticed other buildings on the block have turned the volume down on theirs (some are barely audible) and I'm wondering, can I get the folks across the street to do the same?

It's an office building, so I'm not sure who owns/manages the property. I chatted with the rent a cop at the front desk and he wasn't sure himself.

Does anyone have experience with this kind of thing?

Do I have to surrender to the alarm? Serenity now!


You can try but I doubt they will take it well, they'll probably give you an indignant "this is Argentina" look then turn the alarm volume up
if it's not the pedestrian alarm, it will be barking dogs, horns, buses whizzing by, you name it. i say you will have to get used to it. after all, they do serve a useful function to keep zombie pedestrians staring at their phones safe
I’m not on my phone when walking around and a woman nearly hit me coming out of her garage because it’s a blind exit, they don’t have a mirror and the alarm and light were broken.

I complained to the security guard and was fixed.
Update: After emailing the businesses in the building where the alarm is, people commiserated, helped me contact the building administrator and told me the steps to follow, and even drafted a letter for me to present to the administration. I was borderline touched. Porteños are helpful!