For women here and please keep it sane


Jun 6, 2005
Hey guys - I was reading the dating thread. First of all I appreciate that emotions can run high when talking about relations between the opposite sexes.
However, I do want to jump in as moderator (from San Francisco now but will be back in BsAs in June) and say that let's try to keep this forum safe and comfortable for women to express their thoughts and feelings. It is different being a single woman in a Latin culture than being here as a man. I am not making better or worse judgments but I think we can all agree men and women experience the world differently. So let's try to remember that stereotypes are just that and are often wrong when one tries to apply them to individual situations and people. So if we can all make sure this doesn't turn into a battle of the sexes board that would be great. Let's strive to create understanding and to ask questions when something seems off to us rather than to rush to judgment based on our own preconceptions of men or women or Argentines or Americans and use this forum to vent anger over personal past hurts or issues that have nothing to do with the other members here. Let's make this a forum where individuality is respected and the only voice not welcome is the one raised in anger with insults at the ready. Men are welcome of course and encouraged to take part in discussions here but I ask that those men respect and remember that this is a forum for women not a forum for insulting or degrading the experiences or views of the women that post here and I ask for respect for that space for the women that do post here.

A message from your moderator,
Best wishes to all you luck devils in BsAs and visit Uruguay for me and enjoy the beaches! BIG sigh of envy on that note,

Hi Mylea,
Did you finally come back? I agree with your concept of not stereotyping. Either way I feel I need to post the point of view of a US man dating women in Argentina, not an easy task. Will get back on this, Regards, Joe