Free Concerts In Buenos Aires


The new season of free concerts begins. Mark your calendars.

Conciertos de Mediodia -- Wednesdays at 13 hs. in the Gran Rex on Corrientes
No advance tickets required. Arrive at noon, get in line, doors open at 12,30hs, no one can enter once the concert begins.

Centro Cultural Kirchner - Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun
Reservations begin on Tuesday at noon online or in person. Tickets must be picked up at least two hours before the concert.

Facultad de Derecho -- two each Saturday at 16 and 18 hs

Teatro Colon - Sunday morning 11 hs
Obtain tickets on Friday morning 10 hs at the TC box office. Limit is two per person.

La Usina del Arte - Friday/Saturday/Sunday
Two hours before the concert at La Usina


Lunes 27 de marzo
19:30 h - Concierto de la Orquesta de Cámara del Congreso del Congreso de la Nación
Director Musical: Sebastiano De Filippi. Solista: Néstor Marconi (bandonéon).

Lugar: Salón de los Pasos Perdidos, Congreso de la Nación. | Hora: 19:30.,03,2017


what might be going on this week

have been out of the community some period of time

would enjoy communicating with so many former enjoyably faces too.

let us meet on a street corner or better yet in a cafe or restaurant

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La Noche de la Danza - April 1


15th International Jazz Festival "Django Argentina 2017"
Friday, May 12 and 19 at 19 hs
First floor - Sala de los Pasos Perdidos - National Congress - Rivadavia 1894
a tribute to Django Reinhardt - Gypsy Jazz
get in line at 18 hs. doors open 18,30 hs.


After weeks with a cold and cough, I was finally back to concerts, and I definitely made up for lost time. If you're retired like I am and have an interest in music, Buenos Aires offers an incredible schedule of free concerts.

June 23 at CCK: I sat in the third row in the main auditorium for Camarata Bariloche's concert, the highlight of which was the Bach violin & oboe concerto with Andres Spiller (also principal oboist of the Orquesta Sinfonica Nacional).
June 24 at CCK: The Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra under the direction of Benjamin Zander started their tour in Peru, then made two other stops in Argentina before coming to Buenos Aires, and finished in Montevideo. They're a group of 120 musicians, ages 12-21, who gave an incredibly outstanding two-hour concert of Sibelius and Prokofiev. Mo Yang, 22, was the violin soloist for the Sibelius concierto. He plays a Stradivarius and won the Paganini competition in 2015 after seven years that no one received the Premio Paganini. His solo encore was extraordinary. We had front row seats. I talked to the oboists after the concert.
June 25 at CCK: Eduardo Larbanois and his ensemble from Uruguay played milongas, zambas and candombes. Lots of happy music.
June 26 at Congress: The chamber orchestra of Congress with guitar soloist performed in the grand Salon Azul. Always excellent.
June 27 in Centro Cultural San Martin: Jazzologia invited Mike Sinagra who sang Frank Sinatra classics with a jazz quartet.
June 29 at CCK: The organist of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris played Bach, Mendelsohn, Faure, Saint-Saens, Khachaturian, De Falla, Langlais, Alain, and Dupre. He played the organ with his back to the audience on stage so we could watch his hands and dancing feet on the pedals. He was given the notated melody for El Choclo which he never saw before and then played an improvisation for ten minutes. Great view from the third row. Outstanding.
June 30 at CCK: I attended a one hour talk before the concert. That's where I learned that Chopin was only 19 years old when he had two piano concertos written. Orquesta Sinfonica Nacional with Nelson Goerner, soloist, played Chopin's concerto No 2 for piano and orchestra, Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet, and Prokofiev's Suite Ala and Lolli. We had a perfect view of the pianist's hands from the second row.


My cultural agenda for this weekend:

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You guys know how in Jan-Feb sometimes there are cine al aire libre events? I was looking online but couldn't find anything current. Does anyone know if they are still doing this or if it is just not the "temporada"?