Futbol... Yo quiero jugar!!!


Mar 21, 2008
Hola mi amigos....

I am in search of a good game of futbol (yes You would think I would find plenty of games abound) but being that I am new here y mi espanol no es muy bien, i have been at the mercy of my girlfriends friends to let me know (no love yet). I am looking to actually get out and play - not merely spectate. I live in Palermo Soho, but will go to anyplace that is a respectable distance. If anyone on here is already assimilated and playing, let me know. I have been here 4 months more or less and I am itching to play.. Muchas Gracias!!!!

I feel your pain my friend lol!! Ive been here since early Jan' and im still trying to find a game of football!! Even just a kick-about for an hour would be grand!
If i find any games or clubs ill give you a shout.
Hi you guys...
I am desperated to play football too.
I actually live in Brazil but have a flat in recoleta neighborhood and i oflten go to buenos aires and spend months sometimes....
Please could you both guys add me on msn to be easier.
[email protected]

Thanks so much.
hey guys!
just bumped into your discussion...I also would love to play some football here. i used to play once a week in berlin, but since i moved here...nada. I'm really missing this. Thought they are football crazy here (and canchas are everywhere) but that must have been stereotypical thinking ;-) Anyway...I'm in Europe in September, but when i come back in October I would be more than happy to co-organize some sort of football game in a park or somplace else. i also have a pal here who also wants to play...but we never found a decent sized team.
Let's give it a try?

Robin ([email protected])
hey carlos!
sorry, dude...i don't have msn installed on my computer...
let's stay in touch via mail or via facebook?
Hey Robin that is ok.

Have you skype, if not fine...we can keep in touch by email or face book there is no problem. The only thing is that IM messages are better because we can reply to each other in the same time.

But anyway would be great.

I am also very interested in playing some football. will be in BA from 29th Sept onwards. Please include me in any further thoughts/plans on this.


James ([email protected])
Hi james.....

I am going to BsAs this thursday and am travelling to patagonia but we can arrange things for football.

have you got something easier than email to keep in touch.

Hope to hear from you.