FYI - cab fare up 20% from today

prices in argentina are soaring. im furnishing an apt. now and i cant believe the prices. bring lots of cash new arrivals. living here will drain all your cash. prices soar, broken sidewalks stay the same. why should the govt. fix them??
What prices going up in Argentina? No?!! There is no inflation and if everyone gets paid in dollars equal to what NYC and London is being paid...all is well and swell.
Do not worry about it that Christina is la presidenta....all will be well.
Again there is no inflation and those that say that are just saying bad things about Argentina. In all society someone has to be in the "poor" category. We all cannot be in the middle class and rich income bracket. So sit back relax, have some Malbec and empanada even if it will set you back a few pesos more than the last time you went to the grocery. There is no inflation. Taxi drivers just want to make more money. Price of gasoline has no relevance to Argentina - Kirchner is friends with Chavez and he will always provide gas for their neighbors. So do not worry too much about it. Christina will save the day.
and the dollar worth less by the day.
One peso one dollar coming soon.
Fishface-When/If that happens, I for one, do not see the need to stay here. Many others may feel the same. Can you imagine paying 6 pesos/6 dollars for a cup of pathetic Argentine coffee? You can't even get away from lunch without spending 50 pesos. The other day I was at Peck on Quintana. A plain small baguette with a little turkey and mustard on it, a Pomelo and a cortado was 45 pesos! C'mon. I can make the same sandwich at home for 5 pesos.
I can tell you that since there is no inflation, that a plain bag of cat litter has gone from 1.90 in 2003 to 6.50 now. I guess the rocks are imported. Who the Hell can figure the logic out here?
A lot of expats may have come here thinking that devaluation prices were going to last. A very naive idea. We are already back to predevaluation prices (actually higher) for many items including clothing.
Yes Sergio-Many Argentines tell me that prices are higher now and that quality is lower. I guess there was a time when you could get decent paper towels here. Now you have to use a whole roll just to clean up one mess.I am going to the U.S. in two weeks for vacation. While checking online and with friends there, MANY things are cheaper in the U.S. than here....clothes of better quality, airline tickets are competitive, books and obviously anything electronic related.On the bright side, personal trainers and massages are cheaper here, medical is much more affordable here and of better quality in my opinion, taxis are still cheaper despite the twenty or so price increases over the last couple of years and domestic help is still undervalued. I should consider myself lucky that I bought my apartment and renovated back in 2003 and my furnishings were shipped from the U.S. and everything else I need is already purchased.
Welcome to the party to the ABL increase ( 20-385% ), medical insurance ( 24% starting december ) and private schools ( starting next year ) ...
"nikad" said:
Welcome to the party to the ABL increase ( 20-385% ), medical insurance ( 24% starting december ) and private schools ( starting next year ) ...
Don´t forget export taxes, this will one day backfire. Probally sooner then Cristina thinks