Gas Hot Water Heater Repairman Needed!


We are in need of a repairman for a gas hot water heater. We contacted a "plumber" thinking that was who would deal with this issue but he told us that we need someone who works specifically on hot water heaters.
Has anyone dealt with this and can you recommend someone? We have searched but found nothing. We know that this sort of a heater is common in apartments so there must be many who work on them.
Please help...we need to take HOT shower!


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I presume you already spoke with your portero. Mine went on a blink a few months ago and I thought I was going to get a new one - my portero in the building cleaned it up some and then turned it off and turned it on again and BAM, it worked. Saved me a trip to Fravega.
That is if you live in a condo building or something. Otherwise disregard this advise.