gays for language exchange

Auntie and whoever:Yes Auntie you are correct. I do not feel the need to advertise my sexuality because to me, it is just one part of me. As far as I am concerned, I do not care what people think and can draw their own conclusions. If someone doesn't like me, solely based on that fact, then they are really not worth knowing in my opinion.However, on this specific topic, I (unusually, believe it or not!) do not have a strong opinion either way. I see both sides to this issue. Personally, if I was Fer, I may have posted that on an exclusively gay board but maybe he wanted to get a larger audience. Who knows?As Auntie knows from my previous posts on the GATO string, I have a problem with the duplicity that men have here and their confusion and sexual identity. I have never lived anywhere (USA, Italy and Germany) where there is such a self-loathing of one's sexuality. I really say, "Who the Hell cares?" Live your life people. It only comes once. By acting in this manner of pretending, you are only fooling yourself because most people aren't stupid and have probably figured it out anyway.A little story that just recently happened to prove my point....Person "A" is an architect. Divorced, 57 year old man, father of three adult children.Person "B" is a heterosexual woman. She suspects Person "A" is bisexual at least but she is infatuated with Person "A", even though he has been spotted at gay cafes, he denies he is gay.Person "A" starts seeing Person "C" in private. Person "C" is completely gay in every regard and doesn't care who knows and no one cares. Person "A" said that it must be discrete and not to tell anyone. Person "C" told Person "D" in confidence. Person "D" told ME in confidence and I, in turn opened my big mouth and told Person "B", remember the woman? that I knew. I said not to say anything to her friend "A" and he would tell her in his own way. She said "C" was not good for "A" . I said it was none of her business and to stay out of it. Person "B" went directly to "A" and told him that she knew, that I told her, and that "C" was no good for him. Meanwhile, "B" has been talking about this issue with two others and decided to get involved with the scandal.In summation, EVERYONE is mad at everyone else because EVERYONE has a big mouth. This is true but ultimately, in my opinion, if Person "A" had just been honest in the first place, none of this would have ever happened. The whole thing is ridiculous but you are dealing with a completely different attitude and mentality here than in the U.S. or Europe. Let's go back to 1970 and its about on the same par. This is so exhausting....


Hi all:Martin, you are right. Argentine society still has a long way to go on these matters. It is an inherent part of the latin culture I guess, the "macho" stereotype. It must be somehow the same thing in the rest of the latin american countries.
I am not sure about the exagerated "macho" behaviour we see every day on the streets being due to the fact that some men have a strong need of showing the others (and at the same time trying to convince themselves) that they are straight (leaving no doubts about it no matter what). In some cases it may be true I guess, in some others they are just trying to "belong" (that "macho" behavior is a must in certain circles) and they don't do that because the have some sort of homo-driven desires and so they are trying to hide them. These behaviors are part of the culture I think. I will not deny that for a man belonging to this society it would be very difficult to tell/admit (to the others and to themselves as well) that he feels some sort of attraction to other men. What I am trying to say is that I am not sure about sexual identity confusion in man here being the driver for the "macho" behavior rather than a latin cultural thing.
Open to other ideas, this is just my opinion according to my experience so far!


rmartinbuenosaires wrote: quote Person "A" is an architect. Divorced, 57 year old man, father of three adult children.
unquoteAn engineer's definition of "Architect": A person who is not man enough to be an engineer, but not quite gay enough to be an interior designer. oops!


Hi everyone!! In this moment i would like to have a better English to express how surprised I am of having seen so many responses and in such a short time!! Well I must confess I feel like a STAR! I have never received so many answers! I'm sorry I haven't read slowly every one of your notes...I mean I read them all but may be too fast!
Guys, debate is very good! I just wanted to meet gay guys!! All my friends are hetero and I love them a lot. I am, actually doing some language exchange with heteros and it's going very good! I'm really enjoying it and learning a lot! but I was yestarday in front of my computer and I just decided I wanted to make some guy friends.
About that someone said about discrimination or anti gay argentinian society!! Puff I don't know. I'm 24 years old. All the People who know me know I'm gay and I have never felt discriminated in my whole life. Well, actually I was discriminated 2 weeks ago when I was not permitted to enter to a gay pub because I was accused of being "streight"...Yoy see, strange things happen.
Martin: I don't need a gay site to publish it because I REALLY don't mind of who reads and who is not interested. I think gay places are bad because it excludes gays, I would rather prefer to go to every disco and be able to talk to everyone without making an issue of it. The title of my item was more than clear.
I'm sorry I'm not making the effort of answering everyone but if you all have something to as...It's perfect. Ireally enjoyed all this debate!
Keep in touch friends!


I am not sure about the exagerated "macho" behaviour we see every day on the streets
Like the thousands of tranvestites that converge in the parks of palermo and frequent the many clubs here. Can a Argentinian explain this behaviour?
I have never seen a culture where tranvestitism and femaile image is so intertwined.