Getting Futbol Tickets....


Feb 8, 2008
Hey All,

I've had several friends ask me "how" to get tickets to a game here, which apparently isn't all that simple. We're not big sports fans. My partner has been to a game once but went with a group and a local got everyone's tickets in advance and met them to show them how to get in line.

I would like to have an answer the next time a visiting friend wants to go to a game. Will someone who knows the drill well please post how to get tickets to a Boca game? Maybe it could posted somewhere on the site permanently so new comers can find it easily.

Thanks so much....:rolleyes:
I'd do it through an organised tour. Plenty of hotels and hostels offer them. We went to a boca game and got tickets from a tout. Wasn't too expensive - but wouldn't recommend it. We were standing in the terraces, was baking hot, no shade and difficult to see much of the pitch from the position we were stuck in. The home fans were great, but the away fans have a nasty habit on pissing on the home fans from their terrace directly above. Have some other friends who got liberally showered in urine during a game. Spoils the experience a bit.

We also had bricks and masonry thrown at us when we were leaving by the away fans which wasn't too friendly. They were throwing it from the top of the stadium which would have been pretty lethal if it had hit anyone.

Not an experience I'm going to repeat in a hurry! But if you go through an organised tour I'm sure it would be a better experience. Seats and a chaperone probably the way forward.
Any other recommendations for how to get Boca tickets? I'm not really interested in shelling out US $200 each for "The Boca Experience" to give me the kid glove treatment. That said, I also don't want to hang out in the Popular! Something in the mid-range from a reliable source would be perfect. Thanks...
If anyone ever needs tickets to Boca Matches I can get them for you. Just send me a PM, or send an email to - [email protected] .
The tickets are for the Popular section of the ground, and include transport to / from the venue. The cost is the same as going through the local hostels (ie backpacker price NOT five star tourist price)

As for River matches, I can get these for you too. However for most River home matches you can quite easily buy tickets yourself at the stadium.