Getting Married in Argentina....


I got married last week. I just realized yesterday though that my 3 month visa had expired. It was expired when we had the civil ceremony, I hope that does not matter. I have been here so long that I sometimes forget to renew my 3 month visa. My passport expires in May. On top of that my wallet was stolen and I have to apply for all new documents and start my permanent visa process. Any suggestions outside what is already written here?



I am new to this forum. I wonder if anyone can help me. I have temporary residency here in Salta, but want to get married to my Argentinian girlfriend in November. I understand I need present a certificate of no impediment. I'm a UK passport holder, and the British Consulate in BA have told me they don't issue these. Having checked the UK embassy site, it seems they don't issue these to people who are not currently living in the UK. Is there a way round this? Has anyone gone ahead and got married without having presented this certificate? Any advice would be much appreciated.



I understand I need present a certificate of no impediment.
On what basis? Are you divorced?
I didn't need that, however I didn't get married in Salta. You might different answers from different officials, and there might be different requirement depending on where you want to get married. Welcome! :)


I am checking over the Salta government website, and do not see any mention of a certificate of no impediment.

If you were previously married, they want to see the paperwork that documents the marriage as well as the termination thereof (divorce or death certificate as applicable). No word on whether it must be apostilled/legalized if coming from outside the country.

Then again, the page doesn't look terribly complete - there are a couple of headings without any info underneath them.