Getting Medications in Pharmacies


Sep 23, 2005
I will be there soon and need a basic inhaler medication for asthma (proventil, albuterol). It needs a prescription in the US, but not in many other countries. Does anyone know if I can just buy it in a pharmacy there without a scrip?

Otherwise, can any recommend a basic private clinic with an English speaking doctor where I could get a prescription (close to Barrio Norte, or anywhere central)?

Thanks for that excellent information.
I know that Argentina is a smoking culture, oh so European, and we aren't going to change that.
My asthma is pretty mild.
I am confused by what you said about the difference between albuterol, proventil, and ventolin. To my knowledge, and a net check shows they are different brandings of the active ingredient albuterol.

So do you think I can get ventolin inhalers (which do contain albuterol) and most any pharmacy in town without any prescription? I don't care what brand name it is, but I certainly don't want to use that nasty theophyline stuff.

For example, this big chain:

Thanks again.
Update on all of this.

I was very easily able to obtain some meds in BA pharmacies, ventolin and also a cholosterol med I take, pravachol. With the diet here of cheese, beef, ice cream, etc I wonder if they should pump cholestorel meds in the water supply.

Anything, thanks for the help with this, it all worked out.
I must say maybe it is the season, but I find the air is not so bad outside of the central core.
to clarify: you were able to buy albuterol without a problem? did you have a prescription written? how did the price compare to home? also, do you know about buying advair by chance?
Walk up to a pharmacist and see if they can sell you the albuterol with out a prescription. Sometimes you might get lucky. Meds here are much, much cheaper than back home - well, these kinds of things anyway.