Getting MY CDI Number


Jun 18, 2005
Sometimes anecdotal stories can be useful. I plan to buy an apt. within a month or so, and will need a tax ID number, called a CDI to open up a bank acct.
(See website for more info, in Spanish)
I walked to the police station a few blocks away with my passport and rental contract. I told them i needed a cert. of "Domicilio". The cop didnt even look at the rental contract. She looked at my passport, i gave her my address, i paid 10 pesos. A cop rang my bell around 930am the next morning and handed me the certificate without even checking my ID.
Today, i went to a nearby AFIP office (the tax agency). Its located on the 1400 block of Salta, which is 1 block from 9 de Julio in Constitution. Im not really bothered by this neighborhood, ive been in worse, i wouldnt be put off by it.
I arrived at 1145am, one woman was in front of me at the infomation desk. i then told the guy what i wanted, he handed me the form to complete in duplicate. I took a number and by the time i completed the form, my number was called.
I explained i needed the CDI in order to open an bank acct. to buy a property (which as i explained i havent done yet) and he looked at my passport, he needed a copy of the page with the visa stamp and a copy of the main page and the Domicilio cert.
In a few minutes he handed me back the CDI form with my new CDI tax ID number on top. Im very surprised that there was no waiting, that i was in and out so quickly.
Now i will take this form to a bank and open an account. I will have my money in my USA bank acct. transfered into that acct. If anyone has advice on this step, first hand experience is preferred, I'd appreciate it.
I have been through similar in my quest to buy a flat. Because I am still based in UK I had all the ground work done for me by Perricles James. So I know little of the argentine side of things, but I do know the banks are very fussy about the provenance of money. I had to send copies of my P60 (UK tax form) my wage slips bank details and details of the UK account where the money came from.
Hope this is useful to you, the banks are quite clear on what they require, I had no problem once I had sent what they required.
I'm about to go thru this process so this thread was very helpful. how did you go with the next step - opening a bank account?
unless the rules have changed in the past 7 months then you have to have legal residency with a DNI to transfer money into your argentine bank account. You can have an account as a non-resident but can't transfer more than us$5k into it. If you're not a legal resident then try Banco Piano. They charge 2% but bring your money into the country legally. On San Martin/Corrientes.

If you do have legal residency and a DNI then you'll avoid the 2% charge and your bank will just take a 1 or 2 centavo spread on the exchange rate plus around us$30 wire fee.