Getting the ingredients you want.


trey said:
Sadly, Gruyere I can't offer you, but goat's cheese with real flavour I can. I keep goats and make cheese. It's a bit too strong for the local palette but perfect for mine! If you're interested, I'm in capital a couple of times a week and can take some in. It's AR$10 for 100g, semi duro, delicious in salads, picnics, with fiambres...
I'm interested too! Let me know if you bring some into the city to sell.


Montrose said:
I'm interested too! Let me know if you bring some into the city to sell.
hi guys, I'll next be in on Sunday. As long as it doesn't rain, I'll be at the Glorieta milonga in Barrancas Park in Belgrano, from 7.30-11pm (it is a beautiful, free, open air milonga in a bandstand. If you haven't ever been, it's worth a visit. You can just watch, you don't have to dance...!). If anyone wants cheese they could either come and get it from me there, or we can arrange some other time / place. If it rains the milonga is cancelled anyway, so I can make arrangements to go to my flat in Palermo/Villa Crespo (Av Cordoba and Pringles). I'm usually in town a couple of times a week.
Options are:

semi-duro, 100g AR$10

semi-duro with organic oregano 100g AR$11 (oregano from my organic allotment)

100g of cubes of cheese in organic herbs and extra virgin olive oil, in a glass jar (absolutely delicious, plus lasts much longer than the fresh semi-duro). Makes a good gift . AR$20