GIC Argentina/UBA language program


Mar 14, 2009
I am a 24-year-old New Yorker at the beginner Spanish level who is considering spending several months studying Spanish under the GIC Argentina/University of Buenos Aires program. I would be doing group study, possibly for six months, and would live in the university student dorms. Has anyone studied Spanish under this program? What did you think of the instruction, facilities and prices? Were your experiences positive or negative? Were you able to improve your Spanish?

Thank you for your help.

I spent a month in the costly GIC program. I learned some Spanish and did appreciate the opportunity, but I learned more and spent less matriculating directly at the UBA (Laboratorio de Idiomas, in 25 de Mayo, near the Casa Rosada); I'd suggest that you may profit from that instead. Best of all for me (and even less expensive), though, was being tutored.
I am actually enrolled in that program currently. I'm only doing it for one month because I realized that I could have gone through UBA's language program, CUI, and only paid US$400/mo. Where as GIC had me paying $750 for the classes without residence. GIC's UBA program hold all there classes at CUI and so it's literally like going through a middle man to get the same thing. And although I'm not in the student residence, I know many that are, and they found out that anyone can stay in the student residence. You don't have to go through GIC to utilize that boarding situation. It's called the Azul Residencia Universitaria.

Although I really like the people that work at GIC, everything they provide can definitely be found on your own. Also, people from my Spanish classes who went through other programs similar to GIC, or directly through UBA/CUI, have attended GIC events with me without any problem. So for me, it's hard to see what benefit GIC has in regards to taking immersion courses and housing.

I hope that helps. Either way, the classes are at UBA/CUI and I really enjoy them. I like my teachers, and the lessons are thorough. There are a few class trips included in the month, and you're tested on the material covered during the trip. CUI also has some of it's own extracurriculars that are great: futbol every Tuesday, tango show and dinner every couple weeks in San Telmo. It's good.

Whatever you do, it'll be great.