GMC cars in BA


Jun 29, 2009
My family and I are being posted to BA from summer of 2010. I have been reading some of the info on this site and found it really useful. Now it's my turn to post something - we currently live in USA and have a large SUV (GMC Yukon XL). The usual story - the car's worth more to us than to sell it (6 years old). We thinking about bringing it with us but have been told GMC parts and/or servicing is difficult in BA/non existent. Grateful to know if that is the case.
If I understand you correctly this is a company transfer? I am not 100% sure on if there are any differences in laws for "company shipped autos" as to those that are shipped by expats and/or dual citizenship shipping.

I know what was our husband has dual citizenship...we had checked and rechecked on shipping and everything we read and were told was, no issues! Then finally got a hold of someone at the Argentine Embassy in LA and this is what we found out.

Oh sure you can ship your will be taxed and the tax would have been based on the value of the car IN Argentina. Well in checking the tax would have been double what the car was worth in the states!!! Needless to say we didn't ship! We also were given the number of the Port of BA...and found out the same thing.

I don't know about parts...but it might just be a mute point.
I agree with Evergreen, its not worth it to bring it here. Apart from what she says, you will have a hard time to find parking for such a big vehicle here, and if not extremely careful, may get jacked for it. Parts are probably the biggest issue but that is also a valid point. Just buy something once you are here, it will be much less headache..
Thanks to Evergreengal and hannstew for your helpful replies. Tax shouldn't be an isssue as we will have diplomatic status but it sounds like parking, parts and jacking are. Thanks
One of the reasons that I moved to BA was because you don´t need a car. I have never ever thought for one second to have a car in BA. Find a place to live that will be within a short distance from services that you´ll need. If you want to get away for a weekend, you could rent a car.
It would be nice to live without a car but with kids to get to school/activities etc we'll need one. Thanks for replying though
I for one wouldn't want to drive here.....:eek: I can imagine the fun one could have w/ a large SUV though...!!!:D
If you are coming on diplomatic status & everything is taken care of and paid for by your employer & you will be renting a house/apartment with or near a large parking garage/lot, I'd bring it. Even if you just use it to get out into the country side.

If the above is not true, don't even consider bringing a motor vehicle.
rachelusa said:
It would be nice to live without a car but with kids to get to school/activities etc we'll need one. Thanks for replying though

For those day to day things you really need a smaller car. A RAV4 type thing would be a better option.
Useful to know, thank you. The thing is we need a 6 seater and if we are going to explore the country(side) something comfortable with space for luggage too.