Golf anyone?


Dec 1, 2008
Hello All,

I am new to BA via Atlanta, GA and looking to play some golf. I have found one public course in Palermo and would love to find a regular game or at least someone to show me the course. I expect to have trouble with the distances b/c I am used to yards and will be dealing with meters.

I'm no scratch golfer, but average around 85 to 90 with an occasional good day every once in a while as well as a bad one.

Let me know if you are interested or have any information on additional public courses!

I'm interested. Don't have my clubs down here, and kicking myself that I didn't ask my parents to bring them!!!!

I shoot about the same, and live in Palermo. If you're interested and catching a round sometime soon, let me know. I've been in BA for about 8 months, but the only golf I've played is when I went back to the states in July. No idea about any other courses.

Contact me off the forum or send me an email at [email protected].
Brent, the golf course you are referring to is probably the public course known as Campo de Golf de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. I try to play every Friday after 3:30. That usually gives you enough time to play a round of 18 with plenty of light at the end. There is a group of us (three) that try to get together each Friday. We would be glad to have you join us. One of my buddies is Argentine and the other is from Florida. I'm an expat from Houston and have been here since June. I work for an oilfield equipment mfg company and will be here for a few years. Let me know when you would like to get together. There are other really nice courses to play as well; it's just a matter of getting together and setting up a tee time. I shoot in the upper 90's...average I suppose.

My cell phone is 15-6671-1981. Or email me to my work email:
[email protected]

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