Bringing Golf Clubs To Arg?


Nov 8, 2012
I`ve recently started playing Golf here and looking at the prices of used sets on mercardolibre theyre about 5x more expensive here. So was thinking of asking my parents who are visiting in a couple of months to see if they can bring a set of clubs over.
Has anyone done something similar ? I hope the fact that i`m buying a used set they will not question it at customs as they would appear to be personal items.

If you're parents are travelling down with them it should be fine, just have to say they are planning on playing golf during their visit here.
My dad brought his down, and it seems like airlines let you bring them and don´t charge for extra weight. Check with the airline. I couldn´t believe it when I heard it, but he said that at least with American Airlines this is the case. (I guess to encourage golf tourism?)
I brought my clubs down three years ago .

My clubs are used but fairly new.

No problems at all , no questions asked

Gdet them to stick a Pato Cabrera is God sticker on the bag!!
We brought ours without a problem, but I think it counted as a luggage. We traveled with American
Always wondered about why golf clubs are not a problem for the airlines but they charge upwards of ~$US 100 for a surfboard. I don't think that weight is the issue.
I brought some down. Customs just looked at them a bit closely to see if they were used. Then, it was fine.