Aug 29, 2008
Has anyone played golf in BA? I looked online and saw that there are several good courses in the area, but not all of them rent clubs. Has anyone tried to play, rented clubs, or have a course they would recommend? Thanks.

The municipal golf club (between Liberatador & Figeroa Alcorta / La Pampa & Olleros approx), there's an entrance on Olleros) is FREE. You just pay for balls and club rental, and there's two pro shops there to rent from -- one you can get individual clubs (if you just want a putter etc) and full sets, the other just full sets. They have cages, putting green, a mini-course, and I believe the course is 18 holes, although it may only be 9 -- I've just gone out on the putting green so far, so haven't investigated a tonne. I'm not a golfer, so wouldn't be able to rate the course, we just go out to the putting green every once in awhile. There's a guy that sits on the outside of the course and sells bags of balls... we suspect he just picks them up off the course, jaja. We got a bag of 10 (randomly numbered ;) for 20 pesos. Rental for palitos is 6-8 pesos for the day for putters (we've been quoted various, I think it depends on how busy the guy's day has been...) -- I wouldn't be able to tell you the price for the set. The pro shop to the right side seems like it has better quality equipment, but they only do sets -- the one to the left of the entrance does individuals. You can just go in past the cafeteria and you sign up your name and they'll call you for your start time.
The only real driving range I've found in the city so far is "Costa Salguero" in what I believe is Recoleta. It's overlooking the Rio de la Plata and is at the very end of Salguero street. It's southeast of the Jorge Newberry airport if you're checking on a map.

They have a golf course, a putting green, a double decker practice range, two Pro shops, and a cafe. They offer private lessons as well.

Last week I was there and wrote down the following info:

Monday 12-22
Tuesday-Friday 8-22
Sat-Sun 8-21
Holidays 8-21

9 Holes:
AR$20 weekend
AR$15 during the week

Club rental: AR$8 (for single club)

Putter rental: AR$4

50 balls: AR$15
100 balls: $AR25

Does anyone know of another place like this in the city?
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