Good camera store?


Oct 1, 2007
Hey,I'm heading to the Andes in Peru and Bolivia and I need a new DSLR camera!I am considering both the Canon Xsi 450D and the Olympus E420. However, the only place I have found these here is on Mercadolibre. I would really like to handle both of these cameras in a store and buy one there. Does anyone know a store that carries newer high end Canon/Olympus gear? Everything I have found on Florida street is just older models and point and shoots.
There are a string of camera stores on Libertad between Corrientes & Lavalle.
Most of these stores sell various used cameras, but they also sell new ones. This would be a good place to start. Then from there, you could ask if they don't have them.
Cosentino is where you can go for the high end stuff. It's in downtown Buenos Aires at:AV. PTE. ROQUE SAENZ PEÑA 738

Teléfono: 4328-9120

Teléfono: 4325-0656and in Belgrano ECHEVERRIA 2484

Teléfono: 4781-6622Keep in mind that the prices will be 20-40% more expensive than it would be in the US. Good luck.
"Mike1" said:
Keep in mind that the prices will be 20-40% more expensive than it would be in the US. Good luck.
I would say that "20%-40%" is a conservative estimate. I'd put it at more like 60%-100%.
If you have someone visiting from the States, buying it there (online) and bringing it down is your most economical plan.
Go with Canon (Now the best in the world) or Nikon (used to be the best, nipping at Canon's tail but they had a few slip ups and made some bad decisions). The Canon "L" Lenses are considered tops - the Lens is as important as the camera. Why not fly to Miami and get EVERYTHING at once? Probably almost make your airline ticket pay for itself with the savings. Check out prices here - best in the world - also is also very good but not the cheapest - good website. I would go for the Canon EOS 5D....price has dropped a lot (but still MUCHO expensive). Let me know if you want advice on a complete set up that will last a lifetime.... Dudester
Hey, thanks for all the advice: here's some feedback. I went to the cosentino on Reconquista. They had a very small selection of cameras, and everything they had was at least 1 generation old -- IE, they had the Canon 400D/Xti, not the 450D/XSI. Also, they only carried the Olympus E500, not the E510, E520 or E420.Cosentinos wants 4500 pesos (1500 USD) for the Xti kit. The same exact kit is on sale right now on for 629 dollars. That's more than a 100% markup, on an obsolete camera!About the 5D. I agree, it's a great camera. But, a 5D with a full frame lens is just too big and heavy for me. That's why I am looking at the 450D, which has almost the same image quality as the 5D (but just isn't full frame). The Olympus E420 is even smaller than the 450D, especially when you consider it with the 25mm pancake lens. A DSL I could put in a jacket pocket! Unfortunately, I still have no leads on how to actually buy one of these cameras here. Ken
The one at Saenz Peña is the one with the best selection & probably has the best customer service here. Your best bet is to stock up on camera gear & electronics when you're in Thailand or Hong Kong, where the prices are way lower than the US. If you have no choice and must get them now, I would recommend Cosentino. I have purchased many things from them on an as needed basis. It's more expensive, yes, but so are the prices of the electronics being sold here.
Hey Ken, if you can wait for a friend to visit...and pick you up a camera in the States... you should. The prices are anywhere from 30%-60% higher here...on a sliding scale (more expensive cameras have less mark-up.That being said... what is your budget? Are you looking for an SLR or a high end point and shoot? Canon is the way to go...full frame is a major plus!Some cams I can recommend are the canon G9, which is compact, 12.1 megapixels, has RAW format and full manual control, and a optical IS zoom of about 35mm-200mm. In the States you can pick one up for around 470u$ for about 800u$s. You should also get a a 4G SD card for it...due to the file sizes. (also 1/2 as much in the States)At around 2500 u$s in the States you can pick up an Eos 5D... great camera...also at 12.1 megapixels, full frame. It's an you will have the added cost of lenses.. with this kind of is even more important, to get the most out of your resolution. the 24-70 f2.8L (around 1200u$s)is great...also the 70-200f 2.8 L IS (around 1800u$s)... prices in Argentina, add 30%-40%If you decide to have a friend bring these for you (don't ship!!!)..make sure he/she removes from all the packaging...If you can't wait... Consentino is a good store. They have much Canon equipment, cards, lenses etc... They even have the 1st Canon Eos Mark III ds in the country... ....happy shopping,ChrisB
Well, I went to the Cosentino on Saenz Peña today, and it's certainly the best camera store I have found in BA, but it too stocks obsolete models, for the most part, even though it is a Canon dealer. It did have the 1DS-MkIII (totally out of my price range , even in the states ) and the 40D, but not the Olympus E420 or the Canon Rebel/Xsi.Prices were very, very high -- over 100% markup from a competitive USA price. For example, the Canon f2.8 17-55IS lens was a little over 6000 pesos, where it would have been about 1000 dollars in the USA. Prices are much, much better on mercadolibre. Is this because the stuff online is smuggled? Ken