Good Hatha Yoga Classes? (preferrably in English)

<3 BA

Hey everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a good Hatha yoga class in Belgrano/Palermo area. I'm also interested in finding a good (& reasonably priced gym). If anyone who knows of a gym that offers good Hatha classes that would be fantastic.
I am also interested in finding a ladies basketball team or a mixed team that play for fun!

Cheers :)


I unsure what "good" means in terms of Yoga but..

I m member of a sport club that offers swimming pool, aerobic classes, gym, yoga, 165 pesos per month for members.

My club is located in Nunez, but the "sport club" chain has a club in Belgrano and one in Palermo :

You ll need to find a member of those clubs to get that tariff tho.



I am a RYT yoga instructor from Toronto, Canada. I am trained in Hatha, Ashtanga/Vinyasa, Restorative and Pre/post natal yoga. I am also a Registered Massage Therapist and a Reiki Master. I have my table here in BA. I can travel to your home and offer yoga classes or massage in the comfort of your home.

Please contact me by email to or by phone at (15) 3786 4787.




Regarding Yoga teaching, i was wondering how motivating it was to do it in a group with a teacher compared with uploading a session on your MP5 player and doing it at home. Anyone has done both experiences and can report?

I m practicing Yoga in a club and i like the flexibility bonuses it gives me. But i find the teacher quite repetitive and i was thinking about doing it at home by the swimming pool...