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Sep 22, 2008
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am writing to you from Canada, which is apropos since I am a Canadian.
But I am desperately seeking some information since I want to leave
Canada and try to distance myself as much as possible from the coming
winter. It can be murder up here.
I would Like to know if anyone can
give me information about how good and how reliable the internet
connections are down there. I have an internet business and I need very
good international connectivity. My wife and I design web sites and we
are looking to continue our business in Argentina but we are not sure if
this is feasible there. We require fast and efficient connections since
we need to consult with international clientele and work with foreign
hosts and providers.
I can give you a good recommendation. Fibertel, my provider, has super reliable internet connections. I have WiFi in my apartment and they even installed it in the delivery window they had promised...
i have fibertel and the service is good but be aware that repairs can drag on. Its gone down a couple of times as we live in a huge apaprtment block and they accidently snipped our wire while putting someone elses connection in twice, and each time we were down for more than a week. Id recommend having two connections and have the resiliancy in that cause the repairtime can drag on a bit.
Also depends on where you are living. Not all choices are available everywhere. You might want to first determine what service best meets your needs and then make sure it's available where you plan on living. I agree with comments that some of the services aren't that reliable. I had three providers while I was there, one was good, one was terrible, one was fair. Also when people tell you broadband is available it's probably not the broadband you are use to in Canada. In summary you should expect slower speeds and less reliable service.

Hopefully a real techie will write in and you can get the specifics you need for your business.
I've got the 3mb fibertel connection.

Its weird. I can't watch anything on youtube without waiting for ages. I can't stream audio or video without glitching. If I download files I can get up to about 80kps but nothing faster.

All in all pretty useless, and the technical support had no answers. Switching to Arnet, hopefully less problems there.

With Fibertel things are getting fixed according to their own schedule. If you are lucky it just works, if you are not lucky - well, they will send you over and over a technician who will not fix anything. 3Mb is not guaranteed in any way. If you complain about speed very persistently and try to measure it against some test servers, they will say: oh, use our! server in Argentina, we are not responsible for what happens ouside.

Ironically, Fibertel is still a pretty good company to local standards :). I am with Fibertel now.

If you are looking for a change. Bittorent/Emule users maintain an independent comparison of several providers and am internet ISP discussion forum (in Spanish).

May be for a good customer service you need to go to a small independent reseller - who knows.
thanks loads for this igor!
From the comparison chart given, looks like I might have a little more joy with arnet.