Group Spanish class approx 10 hours/week?


Apr 9, 2010
Hi there,

I am living in Buenos Aires and am looking for a small group Spanish class in Palermo, Recoleta or Belgrano. I've searched the forum here and see many recommendations for private tutors or intensive 20 hour per week classes. Does anyone know of an option somewhere in the middle? Ideally, I would love to find something about ten hours per week, meeting two or three times a week, with no more than four or five students. There seem to be so many options available that I'm hoping this type of class actually exists here!

Thanks for your help...
I haven´t ever taken classes there but I know that there´s a new school in Palermo called Vamos Spanish that is promoting evening classes for busy expats...might be a good place to try or at least inquire!
I'd very much recommend my Spanish school, it's located downtown near the obelisco and is just fantastic. My teacher, Daniela, is the best teacher i've had over the last 2.5 years abroad. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
they have group classes and the prices are reasonable. If you're keen, check em out:
try liza porcelli at 4788 3277 for group spanish classes. liza speaks excellent english having studied in canada for some time. because of her success as an author of childrens books in spanish and english her understanding of grammer is far more advanced than most local teachers i have found.

Apart from the regular lessons you might need, there is one very good conversation course guided by a spanish teacher and team who after the conversation about a certain topic, makes corrections and explains the grammar in the last 30 minutes as part of the class.
her name is gisela:

Hola :) We have 2-hours classes in very small groups. Classes start at 10 am. Please take a look at our website. For schedules, just send us an email.
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I cannot really recommed any school in Buenos Aires but if you have the chance to spend some time in Rosario the Che Rosario Spanish School offers both options: an intensive immersion program and also courses and classes customized to your specific needs.

At the same time we provide virtual live online lessons through our partner

Good luck!
Have you tried Spanglish? They have 'classitas' at various times during the week - plus the social / learning events each Wednesday (San Telmo) and Thursday (Palermo). They also have week-long classes. I have joined Spanglish social events and met some new friends - now signing up for the Verb Attack (conjugation) class. They make the learning fun - something a bit different from the other schools.
Why not to try learning with CCLS Buenos Aires?

CCLS is a language school in Buenos Aires (2 locations) which offers Spanish classes to foreigners living, working or visiting Argentina. We offer group or one-on-one classes, from basic to advanced Spanish, as well as specific courses (business, biological area, marketing, etc..).

Our exclusive methodology is very dynamic and the students are always in touch with the country and its people. From day one of the program, the student will be in contact with Spanish native speakers, both within and outside the classroom emphasizing the “español río-platense”. Our staff of teachers and other professionals are focused on the students and the quality of the program.