Gym/Martial Arts in Recoleta

Half Luck

Sep 9, 2009
Hey everyone, I'm arriving in Buenos Aires in a week and will be staying in the Recoleta area. Does anyone have any suggestions for a gym or martial arts dojo in the area? I've been doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but would be willing to try out a new martial art. I also saw that Megatlon has a gym there, but I've read some previous posts and it sounds like Megatlon may not be worth the money.

Any suggestions for a good place to break a sweat in Recoleta without paying a ton??
If you find good bjj here let me know, the place to do that of course is across the border. Best martial art is boxing though! There are some places for that I think.

Megatlon is crap, it's overpriced and full of middle-aged wives and the personal trainers who want to get with them, also a bunch of fattish-like guys with mullets who strut around in spandex. Well Club is better though the ones in Recoleta are not as good as the one in Palermo. You pay around $50 for Well Club, and no, it's not worth it but there's nothing else.

Why is this in the culture section though?? :p There is no native martial "art" in Argentina unless you want to join one of the unions and learn the arts of shakedowns and street brawling or maybe if you want to become a riot cop.
RichardP said:

I've been wondering about this place myself, does anyone know anything about it or anyone who goes there?

Also what is that area like on Galicia at night time? Ironically you can be rather vulnerable after a good martial arts class.. cos you're exhausted ;-)
I am interested in something similar so keep me posted. I just moved to BA in October and am looking for an alternative to the gym, basketball and futbol to get a work out.

Is there any good boxing gyms in the area? I also live near Recoleta.
tourist2townie said:
Is there any good boxing gyms in the area? I also live near Recoleta.

I'm not sure what the cultural attitude towards boxing is here - but where I'm from a boxing gym won't accept you if you are over about 14 or 15 as they believe you are 'untrainable' or something.

Maybe/Hopefully its different here as I'd love to pick up some good standup skills to replace those pathetic striking M.A.s I did for years.