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May 20, 2007
I have been traveling around South America for about six weeks now, so it has been a while since my last hair cut. I have suffered from a few hair disasters in the past due to translation problems (the worst being when I wanted my hair deep conditioned in Prague and somehow ended up with my blonde hair dyed red!), and would love to find someone who has worked with fellow expats before and speaks a little Spanglish.
Please let me know if you have any recommendations.

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Look on the left side of the computer screen and click on ALL FORUMS. Then go down to WOMENS FORUM. There was an extensive chat awhile ago about hair salons. Check it out. I wish I could suggest a good place to go, but the truth is that I, too, am in constant search of a good peluqueria.
I have had good experiences with CERINI. They have two salons in CF-one in Centro and the other in Belgrano. They do good color (ask for Maxi at the Belgrano salon) and good haircuts. In addition, they provide waxing services as well as manicures/pedicures.
Hey there! I am about to rave - I had a consultation with Javier Aranda - and we then used him for a party last weekend, me and a few girlfriends, they do all the models him and cesarario, thats not right but its something like that - my god we looked so good, never, I say never have I been to a salon and really been happy. I have got lots of good info on this forum and never posted before as I have never really been impressed by the professionals in the country until now. It was cheap too, well cheaper than the 100s of greenies I spend at homefor no satisfaction. Finally something to rave about whilst stuck here with my husband.
I went to Cerini as well. I ended up with an amazing color and a nice trim as well. My hair is saved. And there are some people there who speak English, which is helpful because the last thing they teach you in Spanish class is how to describe hairstyles. A very nice place.
Wildaboutba & Zenobia....would you please give me a rough idea on what a cut and style would run at Cerini...this would include a wash and condition of course. I have above the shoulder hair that is in layers....thanks for your help!
**looked on their website but no prices are listed
The prices are listed under services on the website, but they seem to vary. For an all-over color, wash, deep conditioning treatment, another wash, cut, and blow-dry, it was 201 pesos. With the currrent exchange rate, that's $59.11 US. For all that, it's pretty reasonable.
Thanks for the info...for whatever reason when I click onto the specific services no prices come up....:(