Hair Salon


nativexpat said:
I'm curious, how would you describe terrible Northern European Hair? . . . .
¿Quién sabe? I took it to mean straight and unteachable -- no comment about the wearer.

(Do note, NE, that I was quoting "mendoza70"'s posting on the Sixteenth instant.)


nativexpat said:
Higlights are highlights. Platinada is a full head of yellow, more like Susana Giménez, and I don't go for her look.
I know :)

I don't know a lot about hair, but I rarely see a girl with nice highlights here. Maybe it's the products they use or the skills the hairdressers have but in general I just don't like that here

I do have to say that I like blondes but real blondes, the norhern European style blonde but that's pretty rare in Argentina.

I really think it's ugly when a girl is blonde when its not her real color, the
rubia teñida shit



I also have cxurly hair and need a recommened hair dresser, anyone know of somewhere in or around Olivos?


I am blonde and was nervous about getting highlights here. I have just been to Ryan and he is fabulous, very talented and has given me great natural highlights to last me for the rest of my trip. His blowaves are great too, but if you're blonde don't go anywhere else!



I would like to recommend Terri Orr I went yesterday for a haircut and my hair is not easy and I needed a "good" haircut which is difficult to get even for me being local. Well she did a great work with my hair so I recommend Terri she is very professional go to her without worries!
all the best


After 1 year and a half living here ( Buenos Aires / Recoleta ) ... I found a great hairdresser ... great professional and a good person ... His name is Fabian and works in " New Station Salon " at Ave. Pueyrredon 2289, 48064767..Finally I found a hairdresser that I can trust