Having a baby in Argentina


Sounds as if you need some quick & effective help in navigating the insurance system. PM me and I will tell you who I hired to help me. From experience, I know it can be terribly stressful to try to get everything in order by yourself. Are you fluent in Spanish?
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I'm kind of in the same situation... I'll arrive in Buenos Aires on the 7th of April and I'm pregnant. Although we are insured in Belgium, we still don't have any insurance in Argentina.

I'm reading now that it's going to be difficult to find an insurance when you're pregnant... Is there any insurance which will accept you? Or is it easier to have my baby here and come after? My due date is only in October!




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A good news for stephaniefelix ;)

I am just back from Hospital Aleman. They have plan for pregnant woman! I have contacted some insurance companies but none of them accept pregnant woman.

I think what Hospital Aleman offer is good enough for me and you. You pay monthly fee as you do with other insurance company + you pay delivery cost. Then you are covered for everything related to delivery, other illness including dentist.

Here is what I will pay (I am 29 years old + 7 months pregnant).

- delivery cost 6,858 pesos
- monthly fee 814 (every month, woman between 26-44)
- admission fee 407 pesos (only at the first month)

You will be covered, and also your partner can stay in the same room for 3 days when you give birth, he gets food, bed and so on.

If you go to see any other doctor who is not covered with Aleman insurance, you get covered only 100 pesos each time.

something like this.

It sounds ok for me, I will sign up this one. I just went for their laboratorio for checkup, if everything ok with the result, I will sign up and get covered.
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Make sure ob-gyn at Aleman will go with your birth plan. I had consults with 2 there that I felt I never wanted to see again...one was particularly nasty.


You just can pay for the medical services you need. They are not so expensible as they are in the US. So, this way you can chose a Dr. you fell confortable with and after the birth you can hore any medical insurance. Just another approach. Regards


Celia... can I have their names if possible?

Bojo.... yeah, it would work. I guess the 6,858 is the cost for delivery. I just want to have insurance for just in case if anything happen to me during pregnancy or delivery. It's still not that much ;)

I will email you more info later but I am with Hospital Aleman and I have been really happy with the treatment I have recieved so far. I even did a stupid pregnancy thing the other week and sliced my hand open at 2am and needed to go to A&E and have stitches. They were so good and I was home within an hour all stitched up. Im 6 months pregnant and have been with them from when they confirmed my pregnancy.



Thanks for your reply :) when is your due date? I am now 7 months, so we'll give births very close date i guess ;)


Update about Aleman

When I went to Hospital Aleman first time, the lady in charge told me that she would book an ultrasound checkup and blood test for me. I have done blood test and still waiting for the result (it'll be out on 8/March), but haven't heard from her about ultrasound yet ;( I have sent several emails but only one reply that said she would ring me later, but no phone call yet. I can't sign up for their plan without the results of blood test and ultrasound.

It's been 5 weeks since I had last check up in Japan before I came to BA, so I really need to see a doctor as soon as possible...

My boyfriend is still in Japan and I am doing this all alone, so I decided to ask settle in BA service for help. I shouldn't be stressed like this ;(