Heads Up: New Baggage Allowances


For those of you about to arrive, be aware that as of today a number of airlines, including many American airlines, have changed their baggage allowance policies yet again:

And as of today, British Airways is changing all its rules and fees as well (every bag over 23 kilograms now costs an extra $51). North American travellers will get one free checked bag instead of two, and will pay $68 for the second on a long-haul flight and $153 for the third. Sports equipment, which you were allowed to take for free without counting it as part of the baggage allowance, will now cost extra.


The article is more about alternatives to checking luggage, but read through it in case there's info applicable to your situation:



Thanks Syngirl - that is really helpful. So far it doesn't appear to affect flights here but btwn US/Europe (for American Airlines anyway).

Just a sidenote - if you are an elite status, you are usually exempt from any baggage fees. It is a nice benefit for frequent flyers.


$68 is still an incredible bargain, and much cheaper, more reliable, and quicker, than any other way of bringing an equivalent weight and value of belongings to Argentina.
Plus, if you are a holder of practically any other countries passport (besides Argentine) you will be able, in most circumstances, to carry in all kinds of high value stuff that, if you shipped it, would cost you fees, duties, and taxes.

So my advice is, pay the $68, and realize what an incredible deal you are getting.


Ries, it's not expensive as an excess in luggage, but U$S 68 is a fortune compared to what used to be free until a few days ago.


its $25 for the second bag from the US.

having FF status isnt worth unless one is based in NYC or LA


orwellian said:
Me and my gf just flew here with Air France and they allow two 23 kg bags per person.
And it goes up to 25kg if you are a frequent flier. This is not difficult to attain if you only fly to BsAs, it took me only three return journeys.


Is there a charge for a 2nd bag from US-Arg? According to the AA website, it only appears to be btwn Europe and North America.