Heartworm Meds - Dogs


Nov 24, 2008
Does anyone know if Heartguard or any other medication for prevention of Heartworms is available here in Argentina? My vet originally said she doesn't need it because she's inside most of the time, but now I'm moving to Entre Rios where I know mosquitos are bad and I want her back on the medication. My local pet store has nothing with respect to heart worm meds. Thanks!
There is a vet at the Andina pet store at lavalle 1135 (tel- 4382-2442) that can give you the pills.
I asked my vet in Palermo, who said Heartguard isn't imported. I then asked a specialist professor on the UBA faculty who told me the same story. I've since been picking it up from friendly vets when I'm in the US.

If you succeed in buying it, please post an update!
From a bit of research on the net, I believe it's called Cardomec Plus here, I've seen a few listings and the packaging looks exactly the same as Heartguard. People here don't seem concerned about heartworms in their pets.
I am from a farm, and we have working dogs. Every few months i would put a couple of drops of IVOMEC (its an external pour-on for cattle) on the dogs necks. It kills everything, all internal and external parasites. I dont know what is the smallest amount you can purchase, maybe 250mm, as we buy 5 liter packs. But maybe you could find a farmer or vet to give you a few drops.
Got the same problem with my Dog cannot find Heartguard, I have a friend coming next week who is going to bring me some, let me know if you'd like some as well i can ask for couple of boxes it's not a problem!
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