Hello all New member here!



Hi all,

Moved here last week from England and still finding my feet.

Am up for a meet up and will keep an eye on the forum from now on.

As for my Spanish it is non-existant but my Argentinian girlfriend (the reason I moved out here) speaks fluent English, and till now I have been lazy, but am going to start learning soon!

Oh and I live in Boedo. And I love football and am up for a kick about in a park!

Chat soon!
Hey im horrible at futball, However I am always in for some fun in the sun. im Eric.
I'm pretty much in the same situation you are. I'm totally down too. I'm from America so I play SOCCER. Being American I am also horrible at it too. Haha!
Hey, I'm almost in the same situation as you, only I'm from the States and I suck at soccer. But I'm defiantly up for going out and meeting some new people.
Seems to be a few people in the same situation here - myself included! I would be up for a meet any day next week from tuesday onwards...

As for football - I asked on here a few weeks ago and didn't really get anywhere. But - I found a game on another site and got a game there. http://www.couchsurfing.org/group.html?gid=1315

They have been having 3 a week, and you just put your name down. Due to the time of year I have only been once so far.