Hello all! This and that.


May 10, 2009
Hi to everyone...new to this forum and hope to benefit from your experience as I get set to move to BA.

My background: 42 year old IT professional half Canadian/half English...currently living with my Colombian girlfriend and her 3 year old girl in Popayan, Colombia.

In 6 weeks we'll be picking up sticks and heading to BA to find an apartment to rent. I've visited BA once but only for a few days and would like to fire some general questions out there.

1. Buenos Aires vs Montevideo vs Punta Del Este
Having never been to Uruguay don't know how to compare these three. Any feedback on plusses and minusses of living in one vs the other?

2. Best neighbourhoods in BA?
If we stick with BA, what are the best places to live in terms of security, parks, transport access, local restaurants/pubs/bars?

3. What can we expect to pay for rent? I'm budgeting around 1500 USD per month for a 2 bed furnished. Is this realistic?

4. I am assuming we will get 90 days on entry me on my British passport and the girls on their Colombian passports. What is the longest duration we can stay in country without visas? Is it difficult to extend our stay if we wish?

5. Finally, any suggestions on short term accomodations i.e. hotel, hostel, houseshare/flatshare we can set up as a place to base ourselves while searching for a place to rent? Baring in mind that we are a couple with a 3 year old and we're happy to share a room.

Thanks to all in advance for any assistance. We look forward to meeting with some of you when we arrive in BA and get settled in. Arrival date is June 23.

Ciao for now, Wayne