Hello from San Telmo


Dec 30, 2022

I know that this is the newcomer's forum, but I'm not a newcomer to Argentina or to this site. But I haven't been on the site for many years and I'm just returning now as a member (though I've visited the site on many occasions in between to look up this or that specific thing), so you could say that I'm "born again."

I visited Argentina in 2003. I was freshly divorced, I hated my job in the states, and I decided it would be a good time to make some life changes. I didn't intend to stay, but I met someone and ended up getting married, and though I'm now separated, I'm still here, and now I'm retired, and I think I'm here for good (you can never be absolutely sure, can you?).

For those of you who have been here for some years, you know it's a wild ride. When I first came here, I didn't know a word of Spanish, but now I'm fairly fluent, except for hearing what others are saying, if they don't speak slowly for me. (I even have a little trouble with that in English, now.) I became fluent by reading the newspapers at least two hours every day, a habit that continues to this day. Because of that, I probably know more about the politics and the day-to-day events in Argentina than most Argentine citizens. They frequently tell me so, at least.

I was on this site for years in my early days here, but somehow I drifted away. I guess I felt I didn't need it anymore. That was probably a mistake, judging from the amount of things I've learned just reading through the recently active threads in the last couple weeks. It's amazing how many people there are here contributing now compared to before (or so it seems, at least).

I'm here mostly for the wealth of information that can be found here, but if you have a question, feel free to ask me. My name tells you where I live.
Hello I live close to San Telmo in Monserrat Im a local recently retired English is a second language to me and I try to read as much as possible that is one of the reason I visit baexpats and another reason is that here I met some of my best friends. Learning a language is difficult but being able to speak with any person from abroad that one needs to speak is really fantastic. San Telmo is going back to life I used to visit an icecream shop called Nonna Bianca that unfortunately has closed down but San Telmo now with the new market is doing wonders