hello :: introduction


Sep 16, 2007
my name's Eliza, I'm from the United States (I lived in New York for years but grew up in Maine) and I've been living in Buenos Aires for almost three years now, but I haven't used this forum much, so I'm just posting a quick "hello" to introduce myself. I love living in Buenos Aires - I think it's a beautiful city, I'm crazy about the combination of old french-style architecture, green parks and grand old trees, bright colors, graffiti, chaotic streets and general sense of friendliness and vigor and life, layered over the backdrop of beauty and age and decay. I love walking around, taking lots of pictures, going to Tigre on the weekends (reminds me of Coney Island!), practicing spanish anytime with anyone, drinking Fernet-y-coca, now that it's spring I especially love sitting on my terrace smelling jasmine flowers in the warm sunshine.
I'm a designer and artist, I do lots of printmaking and graphic design. I make a line of hand-printed greeting cards:

at the moment I'm visiting BAExpats to ask a question about a vacation rental for my friends. Let me know if you can help!