Hello there...


Aug 15, 2006
My name is erica and im 26 yrs old from asia. we jus moved here 3months ago and i would really love to meet some new friends but i still cant speak spanish. So it is very frustrating not to be able to enjoy such wonderful and vibrant city.
There is a dinner this Friday, August 18th in Plaza Asturias Spanish Restaurant -- Av. de Mayo 1199 (corner of Salta) - from around 8pm
Do Come along, one always meets new people !!
Hi, perhaps we could meet up some time.....I've been here for a month with my boyfriend but havent met any new people yet. I'm 32 and from the UK. What do you enjoy doing etc, perhaps a coffee or glass of wine to introduce ourselves. You can email me directly if you want to have a chat [email protected] look forward to it.
Hi, Erica. Where in Asia are you from? Southeast Asia? I am plannning my move to BsAs and it would be nice if I can meet other southeast asians when there. thanks.
Hi Erica, My flight leaves for B.A. tmw and I will be staying for three and a half months, taking Spanish lessons and volunteering. Always good to meet up with ppl your age (I'm 23). So perhaps we could meet up at some point soon if you want. Are you working in B.A?
Best, EM