Aug 16, 2008
my name is randy. was born educated and worked in hawaii most of my life xcept for a few years when i worked in hong kong and new york city. i retired 1.5 years ago and have been lliving in london since i retired. my last trip to buenos aires was bout 30 years ago. have been thinking about moving to argentina for about a year. i would like to experience living with and meeting the people. can anyone give me some insight into what i can expect. i enjoy city life but am not really interested in living in buenos aires. i am a 64 yo single retiree. thank you.
rfchawaii (randy) Hi. You do not have to live in Buenos Aires to enjoy Argentina. I goes without saying that after 30 years anything and anyone changes., so is the case with Buenos Aires.I love the outskirts of the city (called Capital Federal), I believe the real Argentinians are on the other side of General Paz ;-)
Visit here again, look around and stay for awhile and then decide if this is for you. Good luck.
My husband and I live north of General Paz. In Olivos and we experience real Argentina. It is weird when I go to Capital Federal, because some of the stores actually speak English. I believe for us living outside the city has allowed us to meet more locals and improved our Castellano. If you are looking to rent or buy we went with Reyolds property. Laura (real estate) and Norman (rentals) were great! Good Luck!
Aloha Randy,
Though not a local and more of a Kamaiana ( educated, worked and lived on and off the Rock for the past 20 years ) and a resident of Maui that now owns and operates a bar / cafe in Buenos Aires I think that you would enjoy a year living here. Just 1 year though!
I will not go into any specifics on my views of Argentina and Argentinos on an open general forum. That being said and having lived and/or traveled around the globe I would recommend to anyone to take the opportunity to spend time here. This would not be my recommendation if you were looking to start a business here however.
B's A's is imo a very manegable city to live in or base yourself out of. Kinda like Oahu with the majority of the countrys population living here. From Buenos Aires you can then research and select other Provinces to spend time in keeping in mind the season that you will be there. Unfortunately for me I have not had the time to venture out of the city much the past 12 months. I do look forward to doing so in the not so distant future since I am told that it is the locals in the outter provinces that maintain the majority of the "Aloha" spirit.
The advice giving by the other post replies is very sound. If you do decide to venture here I invite you to stop in to my place and we can talk story. Viernes at my place is " Aloha Friday" and I can have my cook whip you up some ono chicken katsu "Bolivian style".