HELP HELP!! 2 rooms for max$350 each?


Nov 7, 2008
Hey! My boyfriend and I are 22 yrs old and planning to live in BA for the next year or so but we need to find a more permanent place!! Ideally, we would be either in the same apt building or house but have separate rooms. (We want to stay close but still have our own space, pay our own rent, etc.) We are on a strict budget though and can only afford about $350 each (give or take a little). We would enjoy sharing a house or apartment with other people if that's available. We're very friendly and open to all genders and orientations.

If ANYONE has any suggestions, direct contacts, etc. please send them along to me! [email protected]
I've gotten laundry lists of websites to search through but most are for empty apartments (not shared) that cost much more and are usually short term rentals.

We're supposed to be out of our place by the 22nd but we can leave earlier or 1 week later if we find a place!