Aug 7, 2009
Hey All,

Mike here. 31 yr old American guy from California. Moved to BsAs a bit ago. Recently decided to stay on a long term basis! Just thought I'd say Hey!

Hi Mike,
I just joined myself.... Welcome! How long are you around for & for what?

Hey Mike,
My name is Mike and I moved here 3 months ago from California. I am also staying here long term! Welcome to BsAs!
Che. Just moved here 6 weeks ago from NYC. I am 31 also and will be here a while. Hopefully will see you all at some baexpats events when I finally make it to one!
Hey Mia,

I'm just here living & working, enjoying city life :). I've been living abroad for ~7 years now, three years in Mexico, three years in Costa Rica and now BsAs. I plan to stay for the next couple of years (just bought a place and stuff).

How about you? What brings you to lovely Buenos Aires?


Hey Systemlock,

What part of Cali? I'm from Alameda (Norcal) originally. You a computer nerd? I ask because of the handle.


Hey Steve,

Nice. How's BsAs compare to NYC?


Lemme know if you guys want to get together for a beer sometime next week!

My husband Joe and I just recently moved here from Honolulu Hawaii - we are both 30 yrs old. What area is everyone living in? We are in Recoleta...perhaps since we're all close in age we should arrange a beer night and hang out? We would love to meet people from the states! Let me know if you are interested, Joe and I would be happy to host! Buenos noches! :)
I'm in Palermo, but everything is pretty close. Would definitely be up for a beer night!
My name is Eden, I'm a grad student at Cornell but I'm from San Francisco. I just moved here also! It would be nice to hang out with people from the States. I'm living in a beautiful house (just the top level, with a girl I met here) owned by a local artist, in San Telmo.
Che Mike,
Tango! Cliche i know but how sexy is it!
Packed up my life back at home (Australia) in search of an adventure, was getting cabin fever & needed to spread my wings far & wide. Had aspirations of coming to this continent & my keen interest in Tango bought me here to BsAs as a starting point...
Would love to hear some stories of wild travel adventures, If you guys organize a meet up i would be up for one....

Actually, I've been dancing Tango for a couple of years myself, and it's partially cause of Tango that I'm here.. mia, maybe we can go to a milonga sometime? I'd be nice to go with someone. Do you have a group of friends that you usually go with? :)