Hola a todos. Freelancers/Creatives?


Jul 21, 2008
Hi everybody. Congrats - nice forum !
It will be a pleasure to participate.

We are a couple with kid (38/40/4 years) just arrived 5 weeks ago (we live in Palermo).

I am a graphic designer working as a freelancer - remotely through the Internet ...
What are you working all (if not retired ;-)?
Anybody else here is working freelance as graphic designer, writer, web designer, translator etc. or is running an internet business?

Is anybody is interested in regular coffee meet-ups for creatives/freelancers?

Would be great to hear from you ...

I'm a painter/graphic designer and just moved here two weeks ago with my girlfriend. My girlfriend (Annie) and I are going to be opening a Bikram Yoga Studio/Art Studio here. I'd been down for grabbing coffee.Jimmy
Jimmy, I'm curious about your yoga studio. Did you or your girlfriend go through Bikram training in Spanish or English? I was thinking about opening an English language studio but don't know if that would work in BA. What are you envisioning? Bikram/art sounds interesting. Good luck! Julie
Hey Julie. My girlfriend Annie is the Bikram Yoga Instructor. She is
currently teaching one class per day in English, Tuesday thru Saturday 9:00am-10:30am in a temporary space until the permanent studio is open. You can email her at [email protected] She would be more than happy to talk to you and answers any questions you have.As for me, my contribution to the studio is as an artist, more
specifically a painter. When the permanent studio opens we want to
incorporate a gallery space for my work as well as possibly the work of other artists. Its possible we may also have a space for me to create within the studio. Annie and I thought that art and yoga work well together, and bringing them into one studio space enables us to share our passions while creating a somewhat unique experience for those who comes through our doors. Thanks for the inquiry. Jimmy Danko
Painting -- well, many arts interest me, Jimmy. How would you describe your style? In what media do you work? And when do you expect to open your gallery?
Thanks for letting us know!
I am thinking to live in Buenos for a while looking for coop factory for my collection. Do you know anything about that?
Hey everyone,
I know this is the worst question ever, but aside from starting my own business venture, does anyone have any ideas where to get work around BsAs? I would rather be "employeed" at this time than working alone. I do not have my work permit yet either. Any ideas??? I have a long resume in the entertainment/music business and with bookkeeping and office management.
Thanks for any tips!
im a freelance web/grafic designer living in BA.. id be interested in coffe or an ongoing hangout. 31 years guy from EEUU. or maybe ther is some art event a few of us could decide to meet up at. ill kep my eye out and keep everyone posted. or let me know.... ok thats it.

chau everyone!
Hi, I'm a recently graduated photography student and am here in BA to dance tango and also shoot a few reportage series. Would like to meet other creatives. Let me know. My work can be seen here:www.anneliphotography.comCheersAnne
"RWS" said:
Painting -- well, many arts interest me, Jimmy. How would you describe your style? In what media do you work? And when do you expect to open your gallery?
Thanks for letting us know!
Describe my style...that's tough one to do. I've been experimenting with different techniques so I feel like its still evolving. If I had to label it I guess I would say mix between realism and expressionism. I haven't got my website up yet, but if you want to see a few pieces send an email my way. [email protected] hope to have the studio open by the end the year. We just go here three weeks ago so we have some busy months ahead of us. I'll be sure to post the progress.