Hola a todos!


Aug 4, 2007
My name is Brian, the other Brian.... You will know me by my nickname Mitscherman or by my initials BKB. I have lived in Buenos Aires for 8 meses, well Zona Norte to be more exact, in the town of Maschwitz, on the way to Escobar. My girlfriend of 18 months, Virginia, is from Argentina and is a teacher with the public 'state' school system, so here I stay. I am retired from the Navy after 25 years of sailing and flying around the world. Having never visited South America, I came to check things out for a few months. I enjoy traveling, exotic foods, red wine, and cigars. I also like bicycling and camping.I am also a volunteer at South American Explorers (SAE) a non-profit organization I support because I believe in their mission and have personally benefited from the services, activities, and friendships enjoyed there.Look forward to meeting you all in future days, weeks, and months. Cheers - BKB